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Custom Die-Cut Business Cards Attract Attention

resources imageTo succeed in business, you have to be unique. It all starts with branding your company through differentiating yourself from the competition. And at the base level of your branded marketing materials is your business card - that one-size-fits-all paper placard that tells potential prospects how to get in touch with you. Right now, examine yours. Is it professional? Premium? Dull? Lame? Attention-getting? Your business card is vital to success, so take the time to evaluate it to see if it truly speaks the message you want it to convey, or if it's just a piece of marketing fluff you hand out because you have to. If your business card isn't doing everything you expect it to, it's time for something new. The easiest way to craft a unique business card that speaks volumes about your products and services is to create a custom die-cut. Business cards might be one-size-fits-all, but they're definitely not one-shape-fits-all.

How to choose the right die -cut for your business card

Once you've decided that a custom die-cut shape can revitalize your business card and add energy to your brand marketing, it can be difficult to settle on the right shape. Many companies opt for rounded corners, but you want to go custom to achieve a decidedly revolutionary appeal. Working with a designer (if you're not a graphic designer yourself), sketch some possibilities that visually capture a concept that defines your company. A slight inward swoop at the top might represent expediency for a delivery company, while a cut-out square might represent a perfect pixel for a web-based design firm. Create a few sketches, and run them by people you trust and even a few strangers to see how they react. Which die-cut business card concepts seem to attract the most attention, pique the most curiosity and get the longest look? Ask your guinea pigs what impression they get from your business card, in one word. Narrow your concepts down to two or three and then make a decision. By seeing all available concepts and testing them against your target audience, you can choose the custom die-cut business card design that will make the best impression.

How to print a die-cut business card

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OK, so you have a design but you still need to be able to transfer that design to a tangible business card. Online printing companies such as PsPrint can make custom dies for your business cards, along with custom layout templates to make the pre-press design process easy. Simply order a custom die-cut business card printing job, use the template to formally draw your design in your favorite program, and upload it to be printed. Within a few days, you'll have plenty of fresh and invigorating custom business cards to hand out - and a new sense of pride for your branded company to match. Custom die-cut business cards not only attract attention, they make a statement about your company, your products and your services. They also make a statement about you, so make sure you print high-quality custom die-cut business cards to make your first impression a great impression every time.