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Die-Cut Flyer Marketing Strategies

Die-cut flyer marketing is one of the most powerful ways to promote your company's products and services anywhere, any time. Die-cut flyers command immediate attention, so they're the perfect vehicles for quick and influential marketing that drives response. The following die-cut flyer marketing strategies will help you optimize your campaign for success:

Know your purpose

resources imageEarly in the campaign planning process, you should define exactly what the purpose — and desired response — of your die-cut flyer is. Your flyer could be part of a branding or public relations campaign, it could promote a specific product or service, or it could be used to drive immediate response. Consider how you want your audience to feel, what you want them to know, and what you want them to do once they see your flyer. Every decision you make as you define your campaign strategy will be based on the ultimate goal of your die-cut flyer.

Cater to your audience

Your die-cut flyer message must cater to your audience in order to achieve maximum response. Consider the needs, problems and desires that motivate your audience to take action; and demonstrate how your company's products and services will make their lives easier, better or more fun. Desire fulfillment is arguably the most effective way to market your products, especially when used in conjunction with intelligent die-cut flyer design and distribution.

Distribute wisely

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Smart marketing goes beyond introducing the right product with the right offer to the right audience — it's all about return on investment and profit margins. It's important to get your die-cut flyers in front of the right people, taking advantage of unique opportunities without wasting flyers in low-to-no response locations. Study your audience to understand where they go, where they play and relax, what their thinking in those environments and how your die-cut flyer placement can grab attention and motivate action.

Don't forget your offer and call to action

Never forget your offer and call to action. Consider these paraphrased die-cut flyers and the corresponding arguments for efficiency:

"New software on the market:" So what?

"New software on the market — faster than ever:" A little better, but still not enough

"New software on the market — faster than ever — go to www.xyzabc.com to speed your computer up today for free!": Now that hits the spot

This is a simplified version, but you can see how adding features, benefits, an offer and a call to action motivate response. Even die-cut flyers that are part of a branding effort should include an offer and call to action. Considering that you have the power of the web at your fingertips, why pass up prime opportunities to get new leads and earn new customers? Die-cut flyer marketing can vastly improve your profit margin on multiple fronts: branding, public image and direct response. Incorporate these die-cut flyer marketing strategies for your next campaign to boost your return on investment overnight.