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Die-Cut Sticker Printing Techniques

resources imageDie-cut sticker printing is an incredibly economical way to enhance your branding efforts, promote a specific product or service or motivate a direct response. The quality of your die-cut sticker is important, not only for sticker longevity but also for projecting a professional image. Design is one aspect of die-cut sticker quality; printing is another. The following die-cut sticker printing practices will help you print a quality sticker that looks great and has influence and staying power for long-term return on investment.

Get the right shape and size template

Once you've settled on a die-cut sticker concept, choose a pre-formatted die-cut sticker template that matches your theme from the die gallery. Or, you can have a custom die-cut sticker template created for you. Consider your sticker's placement when deciding the size: A bumper sticker, a window sticker and a helmet sticker would all be sized very differently.

Choose the proper paper and backing

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High-grade white vinyl die-cut sticker paper with a matte finish is thick enough to increase your sticker's longevity, vastly improving opportunities for return on investment. Not only durable, this type of paper resists moisture so it will hold up to moderate changes in weather. When it comes to die-cut sticker printing, nothing beats a crack and peel backing. All your customers have to do is slightly bend the sticker to easily peel the backing. If your stickers are difficult to peel, they're more likely to be stuck in the trash can than anywhere else.

Get a hardcopy proof

To verify that your die-cut sticker layout is correct, that your colors are properly matched and that your copy is typo-free, you should always get a hardcopy proof so you can inspect your sticker in hand before ordering the full print job. Doing so gives you security that your die-cut sticker looks as great off the press as it does on your computer screen, and it ensures that you'll meet your deadlines and stay within your budget.

Order in volume

Like all printed materials, the more die-cut stickers you print per run, the less your cost per sticker is. Order as many die-cut stickers as you know you'll use - not just for the next month but for the next year, if possible, to realize tremendous cost savings at the press. Die-cut stickers are about return on investment, so the lower your printing costs the higher your chance to earn an excellent return on investment. When it comes to die-cut sticker printing, you can gain a lot of exposure for very little investment. The right printing techniques complement your die-cut sticker design and bolster your image, so you can leave a lasting impression on your audience in a flash.