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Direct-Mail Postcard Marketing Tips

resources imageWhether you're reconnecting with existing clients or expanding your customer base, direct-mail postcard marketing is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to reach the right people and achieve profitable conversions. For this reason, many companies have utilized this direct-marketing method as a practical way to connect with a large audience and showcase their products and services. The following are a few direct-mail postcard marketing tips to develop a high-impact mailing campaign:

Get colorful

The easiest way to make your postcard more prominent is to use bold colors. A postcard with big, bold color on both sides will distinguish itself from the rest of the mail and is more apt to grab the attention of the recipient. Getting your prospects to notice you is the first step in the purchasing process, and color is a great way to get noticed. While some messages are best delivered in a black and white format, the majority of your campaigns will benefit from full color, since it is a proven attention-grabber. Digital printing has made full-color postcards more affordable than ever, so you can add a robust professional appearance to your direct-mail postcard marketing campaigns without breaking the bank.

Custom size

Professional printers such as PsPrint are able to customize your postcards to meet your specifications. Not all postcards have to be printed in the standard 4-inch by 6-inch size. Perhaps the best size postcard for you will be a larger postcard that will dominate your prospects' mailboxes and get you noticed fast. Large postcards can work with other custom design elements to help your products or services stand out. Consider this: The bigger you make the postcard, the bigger you can make the headline.

Keep it simple

resources imageWhen it's time to write the text for your postcard, remember to keep it brief, clear and to the point. The text should always get directly to the message and let the reader know what is being offered. A postcard that's too wordy or difficult to understand will most likely end up in the garbage. In most cases, all you need is a headline, a list of features and benefits, your offer and a call to action.

Extend a great offer

An effective marketing piece will entice the reader to take immediate action. Give people a reason to discover your company by offering something that is entirely for their benefit. A well-designed postcard might include a coupon, a special discount that is only available for a limited time, or some other valuable incentive to motivate the reader to do business with you. Every special offer listed on your postcard should include a way for you to track results — something that proves your new customers are responding to the direct-mail postcard they received. Understanding what works — and what doesn't — is invaluable when it comes to planning future direct-mail campaigns.

Ask for help

Let's face it: Nobody can do it all. Ask your printer and mailing house to offer advice when developing new direct-mail postcard campaigns. Most companies such as PsPrint will be happy to help because they know that if you're successful, you'll come back to have additional materials printed. Printers have seen a lot of direct-mail pieces and know what works, so don't be afraid to ask for advice — the payoff could be tremendous. By keeping these tips in mind when planning your next direct-mail postcard marketing campaign, you'll stay on the path to success. Design a postcard that is compelling, relevant and significant. Work closely with your printing company to make sure the end result will meet all of your expectations. An informative and well-produced postcard, coupled with the right mailing list, is a sure way to keep existing clients, create new business and generate more profit for your company.