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Direct Marketing Ideas for the Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Industry

Direct Marketing Ideas for the Hospitality Travel and Tourism Industry

Direct marketing with print media is quickly becoming a lost art in some sectors of the marketplace. With everything moving toward the Internet and instant-information sources, some businesses may not allocate enough of their advertising budget to more “traditional” mediums of lead generation or sales. Those in the hospitality, travel or tourism industry have a unique opportunity to make their presence known in a very physical and real way with direct marketing.

Flyers for local promotions

Flyers are a great way to promote your hospitality-related business. Consider placing flyers strategically around town – if your hospitality business is, for example, an excellent and relaxing bed and breakfast, consider distributing your flyers in locations around town that newcomers and wary travelers might visit first. Restaurants and gas stations are great, and if you happen to have a local airport, it serves as a wonderful opportunity to be the first business to market to incoming travelers.

Booklets and brochures

Booklets and brochure-type print media are absolutely ideal for anyone in the hospitality, travel or tourism industry. Show your customer what you have to offer in a clear, concise and visually appealing manner. Using the bed and breakfast example, what better way is there to demonstrate exactly what the rooms look like, what the food is like, and how relaxing their stay will be? For tourists, a simple handbook that lists interesting locations and sights to see can do wonders to drive business your way. For travel, explain why you're the best in town: Do you have the best prices or guarantee a window seat? Decorate your print media with aesthetically pleasing photographs of local attractions and hot spots. Regardless of your business type, booklets and brochures are the perfect medium to explain specials, sales or memberships in detail.

Business cards

Business cards represent classic print marketing at perhaps its finest – and anyone in this industry should have at least one. It is not uncommon for people who travel frequently to stay at the same locations, visit the same places and use the same travel brands. A great business card can say a lot about your company. Clean, clear and to the point, or “wacky” and original (imagine a business card shaped like a little house for our bed and breakfast example); business cards can influence your customers' perception of your brand. All that's left to do is secure your client with the most traditional of business practices: a warm smile, a firm handshake and a great business card.

Magazine or newspaper insert

Many magazines have a travel focus, and many newspapers have a travel section. Talk about a targeted audience! Magazine and newspaper inserts are excellent ways to market your hotel, restaurant or tourist attraction no matter where you're located. No matter what marketing materials you print, make sure you print on premium paper stock and get a well-targeted mailing and/or distribution list so you can maximize your return on investment.