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Paper is an important part of our daily lives. Whether it is a magazine or newspaper, school program or business cards, paper is an essential element in business and other applications. Using paper can seem unimportant, but its impact on the environment is actually quite large. Recycled paper and materials are a smart, efficient way to save approximately 35 percent of all trees. Printing on recycled material can be costly in price, mainly because the process to recycle goods such as paper takes more manpower and a longer process. The ink from any recycled paper must be removed before the process even begins, as well as sorted by type and weight. More than 90 percent of all traditional paper is made from wood/trees, which is why recycling paper is so important and helpful for our natural environment.

Recycled paper There are many different types of paper that can be recycled. This includes newspaper, paper towels and toilet paper, cardboard, construction paper, and copy paper, to name a few. More and more offices across the globe have now chosen to print their newsletters, business documents and flyers on recycled paper in order to help preserve the environment. Consumers are now choosing to use recycled toilet paper at home over traditional types of tissue paper. The demand for recycled paper is not quite as high as it is for regular paper, but this demand is steadily growing through greater education. When the demand increases, the price will continue to be reduced. More and more manufacturers are offering recycled paper products as part of their goods, making it much more common than just a few decades ago. Household goods, business products, and media print paper are just some ways that recycled paper can be used.

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Other recycled material and items Paper is not the only type of material that can be recycled and re-used. There are many other commonly used materials and products that can be recycled and used for other applications and products. Glass, aluminum, copper, paint and even motor oil can all be recycled, and most localities offer recycling centers where this material can be dropped off. Some areas offer recycling services that send door-to-door pick up services. But it is not just raw materials that can be recycled for another life or use. Items such as computers, batteries, televisions and monitors, and even fluorescent lights can also be recycled. People purchase plastic items such as food and cleaning product containers and larger items such as electronics made from recycled materials, and most may not even realize it. The process of recycling has become much more common, making it a good way to get the most out of waste and things that would have otherwise just been thrown away, all helping to preserve the environment.