Door Hanger Design Tips

resources imageDoor hangers are one of the most cost-effective direct marketing tools in your arsenal, especially if you have a team of volunteers to help you distribute them. They're also great for eliciting a good response, because they're not stuck in the mailbox with the rest of the junk mail and are practically unavoidable by homeowners and apartment dwellers. While content might drive response, design drives customers to look at the content, which is why it's imperative that you craft striking designs that grab attention and pull customers in to the content. Here are some door hanger design tips you can use when planning your next campaign:

Striking colors

Incorporate bright, striking colors into your door hanger design, or use an attention-grabbing photo that exudes your company's image or helps deliver the message. People are drawn to brilliance, so make sure your door hangers use complimentary and contrasting hues that are easy to see from the far end of the porch. This increases the likelihood that prospects will start to read your door hanger before they even pick it up, and when you only have a few precious seconds to grab their attention, this could be the extra push you need to make a sale.

Big and bold headlines

Door hangers aren't just about images, and your design isn't limited to them either. The fonts and sizes you choose can have a big impact on response rate. Make sure your main headline is big and bold in an easy-to-read sans serif font. Subheads can be italicized in a somewhat smaller font, if included in the copy. Just like your graphics, headlines are designed to grab immediate attention - your design can help them do just that.

Double up

resources imageDoor hangers have two sides, and with low-cost printing options offered by online printing companies such as PsPrint, why wouldn't you take advantage of them? The back side of your door hanger is a great place to put maps, directions and response forms; or an excellent way to drive your most important points home. Political door hangers, in particular, can use this area to bullet off key platform points.

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As with your headlines, make sure you design your door hanger so that your company's contact information stands out. This is part of your call to action, so whether you want customers to visit a website or call a phone number you need to make sure this information is big, bold and easy to read and remember. Try a design gimmick to really make contact information stand out, such as having an animal related to the theme of the door hanger lean against or rest atop the letters or numbers. Your goal as a designer is to make the door hanger stand out, grab attention and ultimately be picked up and read by potential customers. Incorporate big, bold design elements and blending them with bright colors and smart images will go a long way toward helping you accomplish that goal. Remember that you don't need to clutter the door hanger with information; you just need to persuade customers to pick up the phone, visit a website or location. The rest of the sales pitch will be delivered then.