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Door Hanger Marketing for the Hospitality Industry

resources image Printable door hangers are a great way to market your business, especially if you're in the hospitality industry. Restaurants, hotels, entertainment venues, tour companies, family attractions, museums and other hospitality businesses can profit big time with intelligent door hanger distribution. The following details what you need to know about printable door hanger marketing to maximize your return on investment and cash in this season.

Identify your targets and your promo

Naturally, the first thing you need to know before you can effectively market is your target audience. Are you promoting massage services to business travelers? A theme park to families? A museum to history buffs? Whatever it is you're promoting, you need to fully understand where your target audience is staying and what they are doing while in town. Next, you'll need to determine your promotion. Your printable door hangers should include an incentive that makes your attraction or service appear to be a great deal of incredible value to your patrons. Discount coupons, buy-one/get-ones, VIP passes, free giveaways and other promotions work well in the hospitality industry. Only you know your best price points and the leeway you have between deals and profits, so brainstorm creative promotions that get attention and provide value to your customers. The power of your offer and your ability to put it in the hands of a well-targeted audience will ultimately dictate the level of success you achieve with printable door hanger marketing.

Partner up

Once you have your audience and promotion in mind, you have to be able to distribute your printable door hangers. The best way to do this in the world of hospitality is to partner up with complementary and non-competing businesses. A great example would be a restaurant and a hotel: The hotel might allow the restaurant to place door hangers on its guests' door knobs in exchange for a share of the profits, trackable through coupon use. Or, a restaurant might allow a theme park to place printable door hangers on car door handles in its parking lot, with a similar mutually rewarding deal struck. You might also create door hangers to market special packages, such as a romance package in which a couple receives dinner, a show and a hotel room for one price – redeemable at any location.

Design and conquer

With a great offer, a targeted audience and a distribution channel set, you can now focus on your printable door hanger design. It should be attention-getting and designed according to your theme. A good professional designer will know how to capture the mood of your promotion and load it with photos and other design elements that can't be ignored by your audience. Finally, print your door hangers on 12-point gloss cover stock with a glossy sheen on both sides for best results. The more professional your presence, the more credible your outfit will appear to tourists and business travelers. And, of course, the more credible your pitch the more sales you'll make. That's how you leverage the power of printable door hangers to boost business in the hospitality industry.