Door Hanger Marketing

For most businesses door hanger marketing offers enormous value and untold potential, especially since it is an oft-ignored direct-marketing medium. It shouldn't be! Door hangers are automatically set apart from other junk mail since they're next to impossible to ignore, and they're extremely cost effective to print and distribute, so it's no wonder that door hangers often achieve a high response rate. When done correctly, door hanger marketing can quickly become a staple of any campaign strategy. Here are few considerations you should have when planning your next door hanger marketing campaign:


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Door hangers are cheap. Really cheap. When it comes to professional printing, few things are less expensive yet pack so much value. As with any marketing campaign, the more targeted customers you can reach the better; and as with any printed material, the more door hangers you print the cheaper they become per piece. Some online printing companies such as PsPrint even offers door hangers at 8 cents each or less, which means that door hanger marketing can cost you less than 8 cents per lead. When you decide to order door hangers, make sure you order as many as you'll use the first time around so that you can get the best price possible and lower your overall marketing and fulfillment costs. You also need to make sure your printer offers quality materials, since customers will equate the quality of your door hanger with the quality of your company's products, services and customer support team. Go with a printer such as PsPrint, which offers 12-point gloss cover stock, full-color printing and water-resistant UV coating for maximum durability even when the weather is bad.


Door hanger distribution is simple: You either pay a group or enlist a team of volunteers to go door-to-door distributing your door hangers. If you're lucky enough to have enough friends and family to hit the streets for you, your overall cost per lead is dramatically reduced. Just make sure you spring for a pizza afterwards!


resources imageDoor hanger design is one of the most telling elements of whether a campaign will be successful or not. Bright, vivid colors contrasted with provocative imagery will elicit immediate attention. Big headlines and contact information will also lend immediacy to your message, increasing the likelihood that your door hanger's content will be read (and that you'll receive a response). Don't forget to use the back of your door hanger, which is prime real estate for directions, maps, bulleted benefit reinforcement or even a response card. To set yourself apart from the competition, you should also consider using a die-cut door hanger for a themed shape. This is one of the most underused ways to differentiate your service from the competition. Customers will automatically hold your company in high regard because they recognize the extra effort.


If your door hanger's design can garner attention, your door hanger copy will get a response. Be concise and to the point, making sure to emphasize just one major benefit on your door hanger. Today's customers are rushed for time, and they don't have the patience to wade through a lengthy sales pitch. Tell them the offer, benefit and even a call to action right up front through headlines and subheads, and back up your pitch with some smaller body copy if necessary. The faster you can get the point across, the more intrigued qualified prospects will be. Now, just reinforce your offer and call to action on the bottom or back of the door hanger and you're all set. Pay attention to printing prices; make sure you have a stellar design; write compelling copy; and be creative with your approach and distribution and you'll find door hangers to be extremely affordable. Imagine marketing to 10,000 targeted customers for less than $800. With door hangers, this is entirely possible and should be taken advantage of.