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Door Hanger Printing Techniques

resources imageDoor hanger printing is unique in the world of marketing. Not only are door hangers exceptionally affordable, they're literally delivered right to your customers' doors. From your door hanger design to your copy to your offer and call to action, every element of your door hanger works to motivate response. Your door hanger printing techniques are no different and, when properly implemented, you can boost your return on investment. Consider the following door hanger printing techniques for your next campaign:

Get it in shape

The very first thing your customers will do with your door hanger is . look at it. That's why it's so important to make a great impression in a split second, to command attention and compel your customers to read your copy. One of the best ways to set your door hanger apart is through creative design that incorporates a die-cut shape. You can choose from hundreds of pre-formatted die-cut templates or create your own custom die-cut template. Your die-cut should be relevant to your organization, your message and your customers.

Print on the back

Too many businesses waste the valuable real estate on the back of their door hangers, despite the fact that double-sided printing is extremely economical. You can use the back of your door hangers to elaborate on your message, include directions and maps, bullet points of service and product benefits, coupons and more.

Have your door hanger perforated or scored

If you're including a coupon or direct-response card, have your door hanger perforated or scored for easy tear-off. This is an excellent way to track response so you can fine-tune your next door hanger marketing campaign.

Print on the right paper

The quality of the paper you print on is a direct reflection of the quality of your organization's services. Flimsy, desktop-printed door hangers wither and die on the door knob, while a sturdy-yet-flexible 12-point gloss cover stock says that your business knows what it's doing. Add a water-resistant UV coating to keep your door hanger - and your message - intact long enough for your customers to find it. You don't want the morning dew to wipe away your chances of a sale.

Get a proof and print in volume

resources imageYou should always order a hardcopy proof so you can double-check your copy for typos, your design layout for errors and your colors for compatibility. Electronic proofs can be used for repeat orders or after very minor changes are made, but a hardcopy proof is essential to ensuring your door hanger looks as great off the press as it does on your computer screen the first time around. How many door hangers are you going to distribute? Will you repeat the same sale next month, next quarter or even next year? Like all printed marketing materials, the more door hangers you print at a time, the less your price per door hanger is, so you can save considerable money by printing as many door hangers as you'll use in one run. Door hanger printing is cheap and easy, yet your return on investment can be tremendous. Don't overlook door hangers a key component of your marketing strategy.