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Easter Graphic Design Ideas and Concepts

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Vibrancy is key when it comes to creating stunning Easter promos, which is why graphic designers are a hot commodity during this season. Postcards, brochures, door hangers, stickers, posters, flyers and envelopes are flooding the market in hopes of catching the spend-happy Springtime shopper. That's why it's so important that your clients embody the spirit of the holiday without looking tacky or shallow, while simultaneously standing out from the big basket of competition. Try to mix things up with striking design and related concepts to make your materials more profitable for your clients and drum up repeat business for yourself. Here are a few Easter graphic design ideas and concepts.


Set the tone for your clients' Easter promotions right away. Are they launching a new product or service? Then bright and shiny is a good way to go. Rebirth is a common theme in Easter promotions, and it is up to you to decide whether your clients' message should be fun and lively or solemn and thoughtful. There are plenty of obvious Easter-related concepts; many of which your competition will be using. Set your work apart by boldly playing on these themes. For instance, instead of just showing a pastel pink Easter egg, show a pajama-wearing retiree standing in his backyard looking at a giant pastel pink Easter egg brimming with cash.


Pastels are definitely the norm for Easter, and shouldn't be ignored in your Easter marketing designs. Pastel pinks, blues, greens and yellows can look great together on retail brochures, while two or three tones of the same color can look great on a professional services postcard. Try using three overlapping layers of blue, each in a different transparency for a neat professional effect that still uses traditional Easter colors. Subtlety can also help you design striking promos. Try using a lot of white space and two or three Easter colors in varying transparencies.

Shapes and icons

resources imageMany businesses capitalize on thematic association with shapes and icons during the holidays, and Easter is no exception. The Easter Bunny, Easter eggs and Easter baskets - they're all ingrained in our culture. Try using shapes and icons for thematic association in your design, or through a die-cut flyer. It is important that you don't include shapes and icons simply for the sake of thematic association - you must work them in with the flow of the layout and text so that their use aligns with your clients' messages. If bunnies, baskets and eggs do not fit your clients' messages, you can try flowers such as daisies, tulips and lilies or even religious-themed shapes such as crosses and palms. Only use religion when you're absolutely sure that the target audience will have a positive reaction - a church congregation, for instance - otherwise, you a high risk of alienating them.

History and tradition

You can draw on history and tradition when designing promotional Easter materials. See if you can work in the story of the German Oschter Haws - the predecessor to our Easter Bunny - or Hot Cross Buns, a traditional Easter treat. Remember, thematic association and traditions are great ways to correlate business promotions to holidays and lend a sense of urgency to your prospects. Of course, that doesn't mean you have to copy everyone else. Try to find new ways to evoke the same emotions that invigorate and motivate.