Going Green with Event Tickets

resources imageEvents have a lot to do with public relations, and in today's eco-friendly world maintaining a green agenda with your event tickets can go a long way toward satisfying the public appetite for doing business with environmentally conscious organizations. The following tips will help you go green with event tickets for your next event:

Print with soy inks

Unlike petroleum-based inks, soy inks release fewer VOCs (volatile organic compounds) during the drying process, so they are much less harmful for the environment. Also, soy inks spread farther so even fewer VOCs are released. Best of all, soy inks are more vibrant than petroleum-based inks, so your event tickets can be printed in bright, vivid colors that stand out.


You should recycle all of your event ticket stubs, and encourage attendees to recycle their tickets if they are not going to frame them as commemorative keepsakes. Recycling event tickets allows the paper in them to be reused in other paper products, saving many trees annually.

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Don't try workarounds

In an effort to go green, some companies have tried forcing customers to print their own tickets on computer paper from their homes. In fact, this practice is antithetical to going green with event tickets, because professionally printed event tickets are much smaller and hence use far less paper than standard desktop computer printer paper.

Tell the world you've gone green

Include logos and literature on your event tickets that identify you as an eco-friendly organization. You can use recycle logos, soy logos and other green logos anywhere on your event tickets. Also, the back of your event tickets is a great place to tell the story of why your company has gone green and explain other eco-friendly practices you employ to help save the environment, because you care about the people you serve. Going green with event tickets takes just a little bit of creativity — and even less effort. When you print with soy-based inks and include a few logos and inspiring text that encourages recycling, you're expending minimal effort yet able to have a big impact on the environment and on those you serve. Follow these tips to find your own inspiration for going green with event tickets.