Going Green with Hang Tags

Eco-friendly hang tags are the perfect complement to your green agenda. They help you meet your green goals through eco-friendly printing practices and enhance public relations by helping you spread the message about your green agenda in retail settings. If you're not sure where to begin, here's your guide to going green with hang tags:

Print hang tags with soy inks

Soy inks are environmentally friendly, especially when compared to traditional petroleum-based inks. Soy inks emit far fewer VOCs (volatile organic compounds) during the drying process than petroleum inks. They also spread farther and are capable of producing rich colors that petroleum inks can't match. Soy inks allow you to print green hang tags without increasing your budget or sacrificing quality. In fact, they enhance your hang tags tremendously.

Recycle old hang tags

resources imageRecycling old hang tags should go without saying; yet many companies simply toss them in the trash. This is akin to throwing money away, especially when many municipalities offer free paper recycling pickup. Why pay when they'll take it away for free? You can also use your hang tags as a platform to encourage others to recycle. A single line across the bottom of your hang tag can be enough to influence some customers to recycle your hang tags.

Get an electronic proof

A hardcopy proof is always advised, especially for first-time projects. If you're printing a recurring product (such as when you need more hang tags) or just have a minor text adjustment to make, however, you can opt for an electronic proof to save paper waste, postage and packing materials and even the fuel emissions required for proof delivery.

resources image

Order from the closest facility

If you have the choice between an East Coast and a West Coast facility, order from the one closest to you to save on fuel emissions. This is especially true for print resellers, who might ship from different facilities depending on customer location.

Spread the green news

Use the back of your hang tag or the inside of a folded hang tag to tell the story of your company's eco-friendly efforts. Highlight important changes you've made in operations and policy. If your product is eco-friendly, don't forget to include this information. Add a touch of professionalism and credibility by including green organization logos (with permission) such as soy, recycling or green logos. Purchasing decisions are predicated on more than price and quality. More and more customers are choosing companies that have adopted a green agenda. Hang tags represent an exceptional opportunity to enhance your image and promote your eco-friendly business practices at the retail level.