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Making a Great Impression with Green Printing

resources imageLately, the term "going green" has been gaining popularity. Consumers are becoming more aware of how green companies are and may even choose one over another based on their environmental practices. Although there are numerous ways to cut back on energy and resources such as recycling, powering down computers when not in use and switching to low-energy lighting, one of those ways deals with your printed materials. Here are some ways to make a great impression using green printing and save some green in the process:

Print on recycled paper

Perhaps one of the biggest, yet easiest, changes to make is switching to recycled paper for as many of your printing needs as possible. Online printing companies such as PsPrint offer high-quality recycled papers that do not detract from the finished product quality. Use it for everyday paper in the office printer, faxing, newsletters and memos. Promote your services using brochures, business cards, postcards, greeting cards and other materials on recycled matte paper stocks. You might also want to print a line on your sales materials saying that it is printed on recycled paper; otherwise, clients might not know you are taking this extra step to be green.

Print with soy-based inks

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Soy-based inks available through such printers as PsPrint are environmentally friendlier than traditional petroleum-based inks, which emit a high volume of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). These inks help save the environment through less production pollution and also make paper more recyclable. In addition, soy-based inks offer brighter, more vibrant colors and can even help printing presses last longer - so the trickle-down effect of using these green inks even extends to press manufacturing facilities.

Print double-sided documents

Using recycled paper is a good start, but using both sides of the paper when possible will reduce the waste produced and save money. If you do this consistently, you could potentially cut your paper use in half.

Recycle all paper waste

If you truly want to go green, make sure your printer recycles all of their paper waste. Collectively, printers produce tons of paper waste every year; and when it's simply thrown away it does little more than add to the planet's litter. Companies that recycle paper waste such as PsPrint serve as an extension of your own green efforts and using a waste-recycling printer demonstrates that you're very thorough when it comes to green printing - and likely very thorough when it comes to other aspects of your business as well. If you follow these simple, yet effective ways to go green with your printing, you will not only impress your environmentally conscious clients and save money and resources, but you will be doing your part to help the environment as well.