Going Green with Postcards

resources imageBusinesses that adapt an eco-friendly agenda now are poised for future business success. Many businesses and individuals make purchasing decisions based on the green value of products and services (and the companies that sell them), so it's in your best interest to develop green business practices. Fortunately, you can institute eco-friendly business practices without sacrificing your ability to market your company. Eco-friendly postcards allow you to continue to take advantage of one of the most powerful direct-mail marketing mediums on the planet without nixing your green agenda. Here's your guide to going green with postcards:

Print postcards on recycled paper

When you print your postcards on recycled 13-point matte cover stock, you can rest assured that you're printing an eco-friendly product without sacrificing the quality and promotional power of your printed piece. A matte finish brings out deep, rich colors with elegance and impact; while the recycled properties means you're working to save the environment without breaking the bank.

Print postcards with soy inks

Coupled with recycled paper, soy inks are probably the easiest change you can make; and just like recycled paper, soy inks do not sacrifice quality. In fact, soy inks are capable of faithfully reproducing bright, vivid colors that traditional petroleum inks can't match. So what's the difference? Soy inks emit far fewer volatile organic compounds during the drying process than petroleum-based inks, so they're much more environmentally friendly.

Recycled old postcards

If you use a perforated coupon, ticket or response card on your postcards, make sure you recycle them once you've collected the data you need. Recycling doesn't just make sense from an eco-friendly level, but it also makes sense from an investment standpoint since many municipalities will haul recyclables away for free, but charge for garbage pick-up services. Perhaps your old postcard stubs will end up as part of your next postcard mailing campaign.

Send the green news

resources imageSimultaneously promote your company's green agenda and add value to your postcards by including a perforated list of ways your customers can go green at home or in the office. You can also use this space to tell the story of your company's green business practices and the positive influence these practices have on the environment. Localize this as much as you can so you can better connect with your customers.

Get an electronic proof

It is always advisable to get a hardcopy postcard proof so you can double-check spelling and other typos, postcard design layout position and color matches in person; but if you are just changing some text or have worked with your printer on a very similar postcard before, you can get away with an electronic proof. Electronic proofs save time and money, and are eco-friendly because they also save on paper, postage, packaging and delivery emissions. As you can see, going green with postcards is simple when you know the right steps to take. Best of all, green postcards look just as great as - if not better than - their traditional non-green counterparts. Go green with postcards and boost business, save the environment, and make more money today!