Going Green with Posters

Eco-friendly businesses — and their customers — know that green printing is a great way to conserve resources, save money and project a compassionate and engaged image. The following are a few ways you can go green with posters.

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Print with soy inks

Having your posters printed with soy inks is one of the best ways to go green. Soy-based inks emit far fewer pollutants during evaporation than their traditional counterparts and spread farther so it takes less ink overall to put your poster design on paper. As a bonus, soy ink colors are more vivid so your poster can be brighter and attract more attention.

Tear down and recycle old posters

Instead of leaving your posters on walls until the weather or the janitor removes them, take a team around one day and tear down all of your old posters. Next stop: the recycling bin!

Print on standard paper sizes

When you order custom-sized posters, your printer has to cut from the sides, resulting in a lot of wasted paper, as well as the energy needed to run the cutting machine. You can reduce the amount of poster paper waste and your carbon footprint by printing your posters on standard paper sizes, which require no cutting.

Get an electronic proof

While it's always advisable to get a hard copy proof of your poster, if you had similar poster campaigns in the past but just a few changes you can opt for an electronic proof instead. Electronic proofs save the paper the poster is printed on, the paper envelope and cardboard backing it's mailed with, and perhaps even some emissions from the delivery van.

Deliver on foot

resources imageIf your posters are to be distributed in a small and well-defined area of your city, you can put them under arm and load a backpack with hangers and head out on foot or bicycle. You'll not only save on polluting vehicle emissions, you'll get the added benefit of exercise. Take a friend or coworker to help and keep you company. As you can see, a few subtle changes to your poster marketing approach can have a dramatic and positive effect on the environment without sacrificing the quality of your printed posters. Customers care when a company has gone green, and they'll appreciate your eco-friendly efforts. Going green with your posters is easy; all you have to do is take the first step.