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Eco-Friendly Products for Small Businesses

Going green is on many small business agendas, and if you're one of them you can take advantage of eco-friendly products to save the environment and save some green. When you've made the commitment to go green with your small business, it only makes sense that you want to buy eco-friendly products. If you have to make the purchase anyway, you can do so in an environmentally responsible fashion. The following eco-friendly products are perfect for small businesses that want to go green without spending a lot of it.

Eco-friendly printing

resources imageEvery small business prints marketing materials and other literatures such as sales guides, user guides and manuals, and company handbooks. The good news is that you can print using eco-friendly soy inks and 100 percent recycled papers, which make it easy to go green. There's no extra effort required on your part to print green, and best of all you can adopt green printing practices without sacrificing quality or your budget. A postcard, for example, could be printed on 13-point recycled matte paper, which coupled with soy inks lends a deep, rich and vibrant edge to your colors and designs. When choosing an eco-friendly printer, you should also find out if they offer direct-mail services (to save on the expense and carbon footprint created by the middleman shipper); and whether they also engage in eco-friendly business practices such as recycling. This way your decision to go green has an affect outside of your internal organization; and your company's commitment to going green is not compromised by your suppliers or distributors. You can instantly compare eco-friendly product printing at PsPrint.

Eco-friendly cleaning

resources imageWhether you run an office, a garage, a restaurant or a delivery service, every small business needs a good cleaning. You can feel good about your green efforts when you choose eco-friendly products for cleaning - dusting solutions, mopping solutions, dish soap, rags, paper towels, scent sprays, and even garbage bags are all available in eco-friendly versions so you can clean the earth while you clean your business.

Eco-friendly solar power

Solar is becoming more viable and reliable as a source of power for your small business, and installing solar power has additional benefits beyond never having to pay for electricity again. In general your property value will increase by the cost of your solar power unit(s) by around 10 percent, which makes solar power a worthwhile long-term investment. If your solar units produce more electricity than you'll use, it won't go to waste: 41 states now allow your solar power to be tied in with the grid so you can automatically sell excess energy. The secondary benefit to this tie-in is that if your solar panels ever go down, you can draw power from the grid so your daily life won't come to a halt. Eco-friendly products have green benefits both for the environment and your bottom line. Many eco-friendly products cost less than their traditional cousins, save money and can even be a great source of PR (What if you're the first business in your locale to install solar power? What if you challenged other businesses to do the same?). Printing, cleaning and solar power aren't the only eco-friendly products for small businesses. Conduct a quick online search for "small business eco-friendly products" and you'll be faced with hundreds or thousands of items you can use for your business.