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Going Green with Panel Response Cards

resources imageEco-friendly companies stand to benefit during the next decade as customers become more and more appreciative - if not demanding - of your green agenda. People like to buy from companies that care about the health of the environment, and in turn the health of their families. Panel response cards present the perfect opportunity to deploy eco-friendly marketing materials in an affordable way that not only saves money and the environment, but also enhances your public image. Read on to learn how you can go green with panel response cards.

Print with soy ink

Soy inks emit far fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than traditional petroleum-based inks. They also spread farther and are capable of producing vibrant colors unmatched by petroleum. Printing your panel response cards with soy-based inks is a great first step toward going green without sacrificing quality.

Print on recycled paper

Printing your panel response cards on uncoated recycled matte paper stock is perhaps the single best way to go green with your panel response cards. When you print on recycled paper, you're ensuring that your marketing efforts have no negative effects on the environment.

Recycle old panel response cards

Once you've received responses and collected the necessary information in a computer database, make sure you recycle your panel response cards. Who knows - maybe they'll also end up in your next batch?

Get an electronic proof

A hardcopy proof is the best way to double-check your panel response card for errors and is highly recommended for new campaigns. At the same time, an electronic proof is a very viable and eco-friendly option when you're making minor changes such as event name, date and time. Since you already know your colors match up and your layout positioning is correct, you don't have to worry about serious errors as long as you check your copy closely.

Spread the green word

resources imageIf your panel response card is perforated so your customers can keep a portion, you can include a small blurb about your organization's green agenda to boost PR and encourage your customers to go green as well. Checklists, helpful hints, green logos and other relevant content work well. As you can see, going green with your panel response cards has a threefold win-win-win affect: You save money; you save the environment; and you enhance your organization's public image. Plus, because it's so easy to print eco-friendly panel response cards, it's easy to justify going green with panel response cards.