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How Envelope Printing Can Boost Revenue

resources imageEnvelope printing is often overlooked by marketers, designers and small business owners as a way to boost revenue exponentially. Sometimes it's viewed merely as an added expense; bells and whistles that detract from return on investment. However, when used strategically, envelope printing can optimize your return on investment and maximize profit potential. Here's how envelope printing can boost revenue.

Envelope printing for attention

When you send a direct-mail marketing piece, you're competing with dozens of other companies for your customers' attention when they go to the mailbox. A stack of plain white envelopes is nothing special, so there's little you can do to stand out at this critical stage when you opt for a plain white envelope. On the other hand, a bright orange, green, yellow, blue or other colored envelope immediately captures your customers' attention and vastly increases the chances that it will be opened.

Envelope printing for enticement

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You can use your envelopes to entice your customers to open it to see what's inside. Try a teaser like "... the ONE solution to your landscaping problems is inside ..." Or, introduce your offer front and center: "Get FREE Internet access for 60 days!" Alternatively, you can design your envelope to mimic an "official" document. Actually impersonating a government agency might be illegal, but crafting a design that mimics government documents is not. All of these strategies will increase envelope opens, which is the first stop to getting prospects to read your message within.

Envelope printing for branding

Envelopes that carry your logo, tagline and company colors help brand your company and establish trust and credibility. When your communication seems official and important, your message will be opened. Now all you have to do is deliver a compelling pitch to the right target audience and you will increase profits!

Envelope printing for personalization

Last but not least, many printers offer digital or inkjet printing services that allow you to personalize the addressee on your sales letter and brochure envelopes. This way you can send the same piece to your entire mailing list by name instead of by "current resident." On the flip side, you can also have your envelopes printed with generic lines for the "from" section and hand-address them for complete personalization. The more you can make your customers feel like trusted friends, the better chance they'll open your envelope and read the marketing piece within. As you can see, envelopes can be so much more than simple carriers of messages; they are marketing pieces in their own right. Pay attention to your envelope presentation and ask yourself if that blank, boring envelope you're using is costing you more business than the promo piece inside it is earning. If you feel that's the case, don't be afraid to break the mold and craft an eye-capturing envelope design that boost profits, delivers your offer, brands your company through image, color and repetition, establishes relationships through personalization, and ultimately delivers more profits to your business.