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Event Ticket Marketing Essentials

resources imageMost marketers don't think of event tickets as marketing materials. Since the ticket has already been sold by the time the customer sees it, why spend time and money developing a marketing strategy around an event ticket? Of course, savvy marketers understand that every event ticket has marketing potential, and since you're already paying to print the tickets, why not take the extra step to push your return on investment to the edge? The following event ticket marketing essentials will help you define ways you can leverage event tickets to make more money than what is apparent at face value:

Get great design

It's true that event tickets are already bought and paid for when customers receive them, but stellar event ticket design can help influence attendees to frame and proudly display their tickets on their walls at home or in the office. This can spark interest for your event from friends, family and co-workers and inspire others to attend your next event.

Sell ad spaceresources image

Considering your event's target audience, what businesses might benefit from getting an ad or coupon conveniently in the hands of your event attendees? By selling ad space on the back of your event tickets to local and online retailers, restaurants, service providers and other industries, you can help offset the costs of printing your event tickets altogether — and then some.

Include an upcoming event calendar

If you put on multiple events every year, you can encourage your current event attendees to attend your upcoming events if you include a calendar on the back of your event tickets. A simple list with dates will suffice; or you can be more elaborate and add detail. If space is limiting, include a link to a comprehensive list published on your website.

Tell your story

What is the history behind your company, organization or event? If you have a wonderful story to tell (and you should) you can use the back of your event ticket to tell it. This can play in to a well-managed branded effort and works to elicit the emotions you want your audience to associate with your event. As you can see, your event ticket design and the information you include on the back of your event tickets can play a large role in earning additional revenue and upselling your audience on your products, services and upcoming events. Be creative and carefully consider your target audience: How can you add value to your event tickets for your attendees? The aforementioned event ticket marketing tickets should serve as inspiration. Now, take your own ideas and run with them.