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Cool Design Ideas for Event Tickets

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If you have the enviable task of designing event tickets for a high-profile event, you're probably scouring your creative reserves for cool design ideas for event tickets. Event tickets are some of the coolest design jobs a graphic designer can land, though they're just as challenging as they are fun. When you're so limited on space, it can be difficult to follow basic design tenets such as including plenty of white space. Read on to learn some tricks and tips for designing cool event tickets.

Keep it simple

If you're struggling to come up with an idea that doesn't crowd your event ticket design, remember to keep it simple. A single image with some accent lines, outer glows or other filters is all you really need to set your design off. That means if you're designing for an athletic event, your design can be the team helmets or jerseys; if you're designing event tickets for a trade show, you can draw a central thematic object; if you're designing event tickets for a stage play, include an image of one major character.

Make it a mini-poster

resources imageThe best events are memorable, and the best event ticket designs are frame-worthy to help attendees commemorate their attendance at the event. When you're sketching your preliminary designs, it behooves you to consider how your tickets will look when framed and placed on walls. Naturally, any design that would look great on the wall will look great in ticket holders' hands.

Shape it up with a die cut

Nearly every event ticket is a rectangle, but you can help your event tickets by designing them to be die cut into different shapes. You could go with a basic shape, such as a circle, or design a shape that matches the event. A football-shaped event ticket for a football game is one example; an event ticket shaped like the venue is another. Consider, for example, triangle-shaped event tickets for a concert held at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which is shaped like a pyramid.

Add brilliance with a foil stamp

If your event ticket design is to promote a prestigious event, such as an elegant wine tasting, political inauguration or exclusive dinner theater, then you can employ a foil stamp. You can outline your text with a foil stamp, create an official seal, or outline or fill in your graphic elements. The shine and sheen of your foil stamps will add brilliance to your event ticket designs, no matter how you employ them. No matter how you design your event tickets, keep in mind that your printing method will ultimately affect the appearance of your finished piece. To help your event ticket designs look just as great on paper as they do on your screen, have them printed on 12-point gloss cover stock with glossy sheen on both sides. This type of paper stock is thick and sturdy, and the glossy sheen will enrich your colors so your design pops right off the paper.