Five Events for Table Tents

resources imageTable tents are a great way to market just about any product or service, especially when creatively deployed at any event that has a waiting period. Dining out is a prime example, since patrons often read table tents while waiting to order, waiting for orders to arrive and even during the meal itself. The following five events for table tents represent unique opportunities you can take advantage of to get the word out about your business, and what you can do for your customers.

1. Dining out

As mentioned, dining out is the tried-and-true mainstay of table tent marketing. Nearly everyone goes out to eat at some point, and it isn't difficult to spot local hot spots that will allow you to reach a maximum number of potential customers with minimal investment. Even better, most restaurant managers understand their demographics well, so by forging a partnership with them you can get your message in front of a well-targeted audience to boost sales exponentially. Static restaurants aren't the only opportunities for table tent marketing when dining out: fundraisers, comedy shows, performances, concerts and tournaments are all perfect events for table tent marketing. Your best bet is to get a local entertainment calendar and a list of venues, and start knocking on doors to see which events present the best opportunities to connect your business to your customers.

2. Tailgating

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Think tailgating isn't a place for table tents? Think again! The very essence of tailgating is to drop tailgates, which provide a flat and stable surface for your table tents to rest while revelers dress hot dogs and hamburgers with their favorite toppings. Again, it's important to match your pitch to the audience; but when you do so you'll have a captive audience ready to take advantage of your special offer. Since tailgates are often held in a party-like atmosphere, it's a good idea to add tear-off coupon sheets to your table tents and set out a box to collect entry forms so customers can quickly take action before they forget (or lose the slip).

3. Wedding receptions

How about this for a novel idea? Offer to sponsor a portion of a wedding or provide a free service in exchange for the permission to set out table tents at the reception? Your table tents do not have to distract; instead, your special offer can be presented as a special offer from the bride and groom specially picked for their guests. Or, offer to split profits from your table tent marketing campaign with the newlyweds - many are on the lookout for extra cash, so it can be a win-win with almost zero investment on your part.

4. Outdoor festivals

Most communities host several outdoor festivals during the year, and sponsorships are often limited to vinyl banners and paid-for booths along hamburger row. If you don't have a product or service to sell at festivals - but that would appeal to many festival-goers - you can deploy table tents in dining areas to capture customer attention. Or, if you have a food stand at the festival, take a tip from restaurateurs and deploy table tents that market your booth at every table. This way, you'll have customers looking specifically for you instead of having to rely on happenstance.

5. Church gatherings

Some might frown on mixing commercialism with religion, but if you pull it off tactfully you can build a generous revenue stream that does some good as well. Similar to the wedding table tent marketing tactic detailed above, you can offer to split proceeds with churches who agree to place your table tents at church feats and other related events.