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Father's Day Tips for Graphic Designers

resources imageOften when the word holiday marketing is mentioned, most people think of snow and a jolly fat man in red putting presents under a tree, but Christmas isn't the only time of year for focusing on promotional design. Throughout the calendar year, there are plenty of other holidays that can be tapped into, providing excellent reason to create marketing materials such as flyers, catalogs and postcards. Father's Day is one such underplayed holiday that is ripe for promotion. By following these Father's Day tips and tricks for graphic designers, you can be creating successful Father's Day designs in no time:

Create a theme

When designing your promotional materials, learn as much as you can about both the subject of the promotion (Father's Day in this case) and also your target audience. This can be a bit more difficult for Father's Day, as the promotional items are for men, but usually, women will be doing the shopping. Think about how your target audience can use the product that you are promoting and how you can tie it into the promotion. If you get stuck, remember that Father's Day falls at the beginning of the summer, so you can use bright, vibrant colors that conjure thoughts of warm sunny days, making your theme a bit more gender-neutral.

Be unique

resources imageMost Father's Day promotional materials have a similar theme based around sports and other outdoor pursuits. By doing a little research into the history of Father's Day, you can create something that will stand out from your competitors. For instance, the first Father's Day was held on June 19, 1910 - a great idea to tap into for 2010: "100 Years of Father's Days!"

Set a mood

Before you put your pen to paper (or your mouse pointer to the computer screen, as it is), you should settle on a well-defined theme. Create consistency with colors, shapes, icons, text to convey your overall message. Incorporate relevant images to reinforce meaning, and don't be afraid to think outside of the box. It might be stereotypical, but many fathers are revered for their somewhat-goofy behavior. The more relevance you can create between your promotional items and the traditions and history of Father's Day, the more impact your promotions will have.

Make sure the promotional items are truly promotional

While you want to create a comprehensive design, the message should not get lost in the creativity. Promotional items are just that - promotional. Including special offers, deals, bargains and incentives with limited-time statements will deliver a clear and motivating call to action to your customers. By following these Father's Day graphic design tips and tricks, you will quickly be able to create Father's Day promotional campaigns that have a broad, and even multi-gender, appeal. Draw on Father's Day themes and traditions, but don't be afraid to add your own creative touch. Always remember that a successful design is not just about being creative; your focus is about getting customers to take the next step in the purchasing process. If you do this, you'll greatly increase your chance of earning a superb response rate this Father's Day.