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Finding an All-In-One Designer, Printer and Mailer

resources imageDeveloping a direct-mail marketing campaign can be an arduous process, especially when it comes to getting your designers, printer and mailer in sync. Your design has to work with your copy, which has to work with your design, which has to be set up for your printer, and then has to be shipped to your mailer, whose indicia must fit the design ... the cycle is endless. Sometimes, it's best to find a firm that can handle everything. But how can you do that without sacrificing the personal attention and dedication you'll get from a smaller firm or freelancer?

Streamlining the process

Some online printing companies have in-house design teams and mail houses, so you don't have to go farther than your desktop to get quality service on all three levels. Printing companies such as PsPrint even let you get instant quotes for services so you know what your cost will be before you order. Going through a printing company for design instead of a large third-party firm can streamline the process because everyone's keen to the technical specs needed to create an elegant design that passes Post Office inspection. resources imageSmall- and mid-sized firms that print large quantities often have small firm design teams that still provide the support you want without sacrificing the quality you deserve. Their designs work with their firm's presses, and all marketing materials are on par with USPS guidelines. Best of all, some online printing companies will even let you use their mailing indicia, so you don't have to apply for and pay for one yourself.

Personalized service

In today's connected business environment, even a lone freelancer can serve as your designer, printer and mailer. Print reseller programs are geared for graphic designers who want to retain control of the printing and mailing process while offering their clients enhanced services only a larger firm can handle. This dynamic combination of freelancer and firm means that customers ultimately get the most personalized service possible and a hands-off printing and mailing process (almost) guaranteed to go off without a hitch. The economy of business is time and money. When you save time, you save money; or you make even more. If you can streamline your printing process without sacrificing quality, you'll save yourself from hassles and time-wasting phone calls; ultimately making more money. If you have a business to run, you don't need to spend time playing project manager when there are resources available to automate the printing process for you. All you have to do is find an all-in-one designer, printer and mailer for your business.