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Five Calendar Deals That Land Customers Year Round

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You’ve probably printed custom promotional calendars in the past, but have you really used them to their full potential? You can use your calendars to interact with your customers and give them a reason to do more business with you – year round! Your customers see your calendar every single day, and it can serve as a tool to give you top-of-mind awareness along with a call to action seven days a week, 365 days a year.

1.  Coupons to clip

Everybody loves a coupon, and you can give your customers a coupon to clip every month at the bottom of your calendar pages. Make it an incentive that will motivate them to call or visit your retail location, whether it is a percentage off of a purchase or a buy-on-get-one offer. Take the snooze-you-lose approach and limit the offer to only that month in order to create some urgency for the customer.

2.  Mystery online coupon codes

If you have a strong online presence, another way to reach out to customers with coupons is to do a mystery online coupon code. You can do this as often as you want, even daily if you like. Perhaps you can have a sale on one particular item or a certain percentage off an online order – keep it a mystery until the person goes online to find out what the deal is.

3.  Daily specials for restaurants

A promotional calendar is a great way for restaurants to remind customers of their daily specials. When they check their calendar each day, they’ll see what you have doing on – whether it is your Monday happy hour or karaoke on Wednesday evenings. Make sure you’ve got every day of the week covered. Another great idea is to print your restaurant’s menu somewhere on the calendar so your customers will always have one on hand. Also, you could feature a dish each month as your special and provide a discount for those customers who mention the menu when they order. 4.  Seasonal ideas

If your business changes product lines on a seasonal basis, you can use your calendar to promote seasonal ideas for your customers. Include items that can be purchased at your retail location or from your web site. For example, if you own a home décor boutique, you could feature a decorating idea each month with items from your store. You could even provide a list of the products needed in order to accomplish the look.

5.  Use the old calendar as a coupon

Keep the cycle going by recycling. On your December page, ask your customers to bring in and recycle their old calendars to get a special year-end discount and to receive a new calendar in return.  It’s a great way to interact personally with your customers and to get your calendars back into the hands of clients who use them. Plus, it shows your customers that you’re concerned about environmental issues, which is good for your public relations image.