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Five Direct Mailers Every Business Should Use

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Every business needs to have both an online and a print advertising and marketing presence. But in this day and age of the Internet, some businesses fail to utilize all of the potential methods of direct mailers that's so essential to business success. Direct mailers are some of the most powerful marketing tools, and they have benefits online advertising can't match. For one, they allow you to be one-on-one with customers without interruption. They are not intrusive. They also allow for better targeting based on demographics most online marketing mediums can't touch. You can literally grow to be a multi-million dollar business on direct mailers alone, when you know how to take advantage of their power. The following five direct mailers should be used by all businesses.

1. Postcards

Perhaps the most versatile direct mailers available, postcards are also some of the most effective and cost-efficient. Postcards are incredibly cheap to develop, print and mail; and can be used in a variety of ways to generate interest for your products and services: as coupons, VIP passes, mini-newsletters, mini-catalogs, web promotions, discount notices and more. They can also be tracked via redemption coupons and codes.

2. Catalogs

Many top companies use direct-mail catalogs even though they have a strong web presence. These catalogs arrive in consumers' homes as tangible, physical objects to browse and peruse at their leisure. There's nothing like the feel of a hefty catalog filled with superb products with the descriptions and prices located next to each item. People still delight in flipping through the pages, and business will definitely increase via these mail-order sales and the online orders they spawn.

3. Newsletters

Every business should mail out a regular newsletter, usually on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, to keep all of their loyal and new customers informed of all of the latest updates and recent developments that are going on with the business. Your newsletter should have short articles and stories based around the benefits that the consumer can derive from continuing to patronize the particular business – but it shouldn't be a rolling advertisement. Provide customer value and highlight happy customers for maximum potency.

4. Response cards

Response cards are a great way to learn more about your customers and collect new names for your mailing list. Create a short survey and have customers return it with a discount coupon, or offer customers and a friend a great discount or other special incentive for filling out your response card. Collect names and contact information so you can keep sending targeted mailings to the first customer, a proven responder, and the second customer, a new name you can market to.

5. Sales letters These direct mailers need to be mailed out on a mandatory basis to every consumer and potential consumer on your mailing list. They should make a direct statement of facts and helpful information as well as offer the consumer the chance to purchase something special from the company's inventory. Sales letters allow your friendly personality shine through and therefore allow you to showcase the unique aspects of your business.