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Five Events That Require Party Banners

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Life is peppered with the celebrations that make it worth living; those events that make us all forget the worries and woes of the day. And when one of these events occurs, it's time to pull out all the stops and throw a bash that will go down in the annals of family history. To do it right, you'll need the right supplies: invitation cards, announcements, table tents and party banners. Party banners are more than simple overstated greetings: they identify where your party is located, they can include names, photos, poignant thoughts or even humorous slogans regarding the parties involved, and they can be kept as commemorative keepsakes that endure for generations. There are many events for which party banners are required, five of which are detailed below.

1. Birthdays

Design party banners for birthdays that include traditional birthday images such as balloons, hats, cakes, candles and the name and age of the man (or woman) of the hour. You can get creative with photos and humorous sayings, commonly seen in "over the hill" birthday novelties.

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2. Graduations

In late May and early June, graduation parties become the revelry of the nation as young adults head off to college or the working world. Graduation party banners become beacons beckoning family and friends to your graduate's party, ensuring that everyone gets to wish him luck as he makes a major life transition.

3. Anniversaries

Anniversaries are special occasions shared by two people and celebrated by many family members and friends. Consider printing party banners with photos or silhouettes of the couple in question, and add a unique touch by surrounding them with names or photos of the family they've created.

4. Weddings

Before any anniversary can be celebrated, a wedding must take place. Wedding banners can be used to draw attention to the wedding place or reception or scattered throughout the reception hall with images of the couple or unique stories about the couple. Again, images of the bride and groom can really dress up a wedding party banner design. Or, take a cue from a themed wedding and craft something truly original and spectacular - a party banner for a gangster-themed wedding, for example, that looks as though it has been riddled with bullets

5. Family reunions

Party banners are often used for family reunions, not only to set one shelter house apart from the next (for outdoor park reunions) but to commemorate the events themselves. One creative idea is to print your party banners with a white background and to have every family member who attends the reunion sign it with a permanent marker. This way, your party banner is more than a sign - it is a keepsake with the signatures of the most important people in your life: your family members!