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Five Independence Day Marketing Tips

resources imageIndependence Day, otherwise known as the Fourth of July, is that great American holiday when the United States celebrates her freedom and honors those who have fought for and preserved it. For some, Independence Day is a time of remembrance. For others, the Fourth of July means backyard barbecues and fireworks. And yet for others, Independence Day means little more than another tick on the calendar. For you, this means that you have a broad range of rockets you can launch to target your audience. The following Independence Day marketing tips will help you claim victory over your competitors.

1. Understand how and why your customers celebrate Independence Day

The best way to craft a successful Independence Day marketing campaign is to first completely understand your customers. Walk a mile (or 10) in your customers' shoes to find out how they celebrate Independence Day, what customs and traditions are important to them, and why they celebrate in the first place. Your goal is to identify the values that your customers share and learn about their problems and desires so you can seek ways to fill those voids and enrich your customers' lives through your products and services.

2. Run a multi-front marketing campaign

Branding and sales depend on repetition and getting in front of the right customer, at the right place, at the right time. Remember that marketing is an investment, a means to a profitable end, and should be treated as such instead of as an expense. Blanket your Independence Day market by printing direct-mail postcards, brochure, flyers, posters, catalogs, and banners; running radio and television commercials; placing advertisements in critical publications; and gaining exposure through a robust online presence.

3. Host an event

Events, or publicity stunts, are perfect for complementing your direct-marketing campaigns. Come up with an Independence Day theme and promote your event to likely customers who would also be interested in your theme. Promote your event through direct-marketing strategies and through the free publicity you'll get if your event is interesting enough. Perhaps a Revolutionary War battle re-enactment, a display of fireworks, a charity cookout or other event would be the perfect draw for your Independence Day customers.

4. Get in the parade

resources imageMany municipalities hold Independence Day parades, and entry is often free or available for a very low price. Make a creative, humorous or otherwise memorable float or street troupe to entertain parade-goers; and simultaneously market to them by printing large vinyl banners and handing out flyers, business cards, coupons and more.

5. Partner up on the Fourth of July

Independence Day lands in the middle of summer when there's tons to do, so partner up with a non-competing warm weather business for a profitable cross-promotion. You could strike a deal with the local water park to offer a buy one, get one free deal to any of their customers in return for their offering a buy one, get one free deal to any of your customers. Or you could simply swap counter coupons or rack cards with an ice cream shop. Don't run a cross-promotion unless you share a highly targeted audience - remember to hit your customers' sweet spots for sizzling sales this Independence Day.