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Five Non-Holiday Occasions for Greeting Cards

You might know that greeting cards are a powerful way to stay personally connected to your customers, but perhaps you're feeling that the obligatory holiday postcard has lost its luster. You can shine all year round by sending greeting cards to your customers on non-holiday occasions. Here are five:

1. After a meeting or pitch

If you've just met a potential customer at a meeting, over the phone or during a sales call, send a greeting card a few days later to let them know you appreciate their time. Don't use your greeting card to overtly close a sale. Instead, handwrite a genuinely interested and relevant message, and wish your customer the best of luck.

2. For a major life event

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People tend to remember those who remembered them during life's biggest events. Holidays are for everyone, but major life events are cherished by individuals and families. Maybe you have a customer whose child is graduating from high school or college; or a customer who you know has just purchased a new home, celebrated an anniversary or recently retired. Congratulatory cards have influence, but so do conciliatory greeting cards. If a customer is sick or has just lost a loved one, you can consider sending a greeting card as well. Just be sure that doing so is appropriate and will be appreciated, as is often the case for insurance salespeople who know their clients very well.

3. To celebrate a business milestone

If you're a B2B company, you can send greeting cards to customers who have recently achieved business milestones. These milestones include a sales mark, a partnership or acquisition, an expansion, an anniversary, an innovation, media coverage or something else entirely. When your customers feel that you understand them and are paying attention, they'll be comfortable doing business with you.

4. After one of your milestones

There's no shame in sharing your good news with your customers. If your own business has grown, if you're retiring and handing the keys over to someone else or if you're celebrating a major life event, a greeting card can inspire customer confidence, ease a transition or just demonstrate that you're human, too.

5. Out of the blue

resources imageThe reality is that any time is a good time to send greeting cards to your customers. The more out of the blue your greeting card seems, the less likely it is to compete with other greeting cards for your customers' attention. An unexpected greeting card will always be memorable. Greeting cards are a perfect way to stay connected to your customers on a personal level, especially when they're unexpected. For more influence, print custom greeting cards and envelopes, and handwrite your message. These simple steps inspire trust and confidence in your company. You can get instant greeting card pricing using the tools at PsPrint. Follow these tips and you can launch an amazing greeting card campaign that doesn't just sell a product, it sells you.