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Five Secrets for Using Logos in Brochures and Flyers

resources imageLogos and graphics are excellent tools for enhancing your brochure and flyer designs. More than simple letterhead and images, logos and graphics can be used in several ways to funnel readers' eyes to important information and streamline the flow of your marketing materials. The following top five secrets for using company logos and graphics in brochure and flyer designs will help you create powerful promotional pieces that make a lasting impression:

1. Use logos and graphics to balance your artwork

If you need to include a lot of information on your brochures and flyers, company logos and graphics might be just the thing you need to balance the flow. Logos can be used to differentiate different products and services, and graphics can be used to denote highlighted features, as backgrounds for call-out boxes and as separators between rows and columns of information.

2. Use graphics to clarify your message

As the cliché goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. When text isn't enough, you can use graphics to enhance or clarify your message. It's one thing to tell your prospects that your product offers a 20 percent increase in efficiency; it's another thing altogether to depict this increase in a graphical chart or graph that pits your product against your competitors'.

3. Use the power of proximity to impress

Try grouping similar photos, images, graphics and icons together for a common visual effect. Rather than scattering several small photos, you can put them together to draw attention and make an influential impression. Clarity and proximity will give more weight and authority to your images and graphics.

4. Contrast visuals for flow efficiency

resources imageWhen one thinks of contrast, contrasting colors usually comes to mind; but contrast can mean so much more - spacing and size, for instance. Contrast your elements to create more interesting brochures and flyers. You could change the hue or shading of a logo to enrich the character of a particular statement, for example; or, you could superimpose a small image over a large image.

5. Repetition lends brand recognition and unity

Contrast is essential, but repetition can also lend a sense of stability and comfort to your brochures and flyers. You might repeat a specific logo or graphic throughout your brochure or flyer. See if you can incorporate powerful icons that are different, yet similar, throughout your design to draw attention to branded products and services while maintaining a level of consistency for overall unity. There are many ways to incorporate company logos and graphics in your brochures and flyers. Use them judiciously and intelligently, and you can create amazing documents that grab attention, pull readers in to your enhanced message and elicit response for increased return on investment.