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Five Unique Bachelor Party Invitation Themes

Bachelor Party Invitation Themes

Bachelor party invitation themes should reflect the nature of the event itself, so it is a good idea to design your bachelor party invitations to match the activities you'll be undertaking during your boys' night out. These days, bachelor party themes run the gamut from mild to wild, with popular activities that include gambling, extreme sports, bar hopping, and, yes, even a bit of something of the X-rated variety. If you're in charge of planning the groom's big bachelor party, you can draw inspiration from the following five unique bachelor party invitation themes. 1. Girls, girls, girls! Perhaps the easiest – and most traditional – bachelor party invitation theme to pull off is one that includes photos of scantily clad women and perhaps a few hundred cans of beer. Don't be afraid to get creative here – instead of the typical bikini babes, you could design your bachelor party invitation templates with photos of celebrities or you could depict your groom as a beer spokesman – complete with a humorous saying in a cartoon bubble as he holds a can of beer high while surrounded by ladies! 2. Casino night If your bachelor party is going to hit the casinos or just play Texas hold 'em in a garage, you can send  bachelor party invitations with a casino-esque theme. Playing cards, roulette wheels, poker chips, green felt, greenbacks and other gambling-related images are perfect for this type of bachelor party invitation theme. For a little extra incentive, slip your guests a poker chip or some other incentive inside your invitations. 3. Game on! Many bachelor parties kick off with a trip to one of the groom's favorite sporting events. If you'll be going to a ballgame, you can theme your bachelor party invitations to match the sporting event – and even the team – you'll be watching. The graphic elements you'll need here are fairly obvious and easy to come by: fields, equipment, uniforms and team colors. If you want to make it more memorable, you might get a photo of the venue's megatron and depict your bachelor's photo alongside party information such as date and time. 4. The great outdoors Not every bachelor wants a night out on the town, and if that's the case you might find your party heading to the great outdoors for a weekend of roughing it in the wilderness. Thus, you can theme your bachelor party invitations to reflect what you'll be doing around the campfire: beer, burgers and bears, perhaps? On the inside or back of your invitations you can include a list of items your bachelor party guests will need to bring, such as tents, food, sleeping bags, firewood, etc. 5. Extreme bachelor party A contemporary trend that is growing in popularity is for bachelor parties to center around an extreme sport, such as ATV/dune buggy trails, skydiving, mountain climbing, and white water rafting. Again, it is important to keep your bachelor party invitation theme relevant to your bachelor party activities, so you can create your theme out of visuals associated with whatever extreme sport you're endeavoring.