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Five Unique Bachelorette Party Invitation Themes

Bachelorette Party Invitation Themes

If you're looking for unique bachelorette party invitation themes, you can start by making your invitations match the mood, style and even activities of the bachelorette party itself. There are many different types of bachelorette party themes, from retro to slumber party to old-fashioned love and, yes, even those of the X-rated variety. When your bachelorette invitation theme matches your bachelorette party theme, guests will come prepared knowing what to expect on your big girls night out. Whether sexy or subdued, or anything in between, you can draw inspiration from the following five unique bachelorette party themes. 1. Hollywood hunks If your idea of the perfect bachelorette party includes obscene favors and six-pack abs, you can design bachelorette party invitations with photos of Hollywood hunks to entice the girls to go out on the town. A quick online search should yield plenty of royalty-free celebrity photos for you to choose from. For a unique twist, add in a photo of the groom amongst them, and depict your bride making her “pick of the litter.” 2. Retro style Does your bride have a penchant for disco dancing? Is she a flower child? Or, does she like jean jackets and animal prints or perhaps fancies herself as a flapper? If your bachelorette party is to be a blast from the past, you can complete the arrangement with a matching bachelorette invitation theme. Whether it's the 1920s, ”˜60s, ”˜70s or ”˜80s, you can find plenty of retro-style graphics to use on your bachelorette invitations. 3. Scavenger hunt Some of the best bachelorette parties are, in part, scavenger hunts. If you're going to hold a wild (and maybe wicked) scavenger hunt for your bride, you can turn the bachelorette invitations into the item (or activity) list. The outside can look like a formal diary or journal, and the inside will list the things that each participant has to find – or activities that the bride has to do – with check boxes beside each. This is a fun way to set the tone for the party and get all the girls excited about attending the party, and can even come in handy during the party itself. 4. The great outdoors Some bachelorette parties are less city lights and more roughing it with campfires. If you're taking a unique trip into the great outdoors for your bachelorette party, your bachelorette invitation theme might depict tents, campfires, kayaks or even wildlife! On the inside flap or back of your party invitations make sure you include a list of everything guests will need to survive the weekend. 5. Slumber party If going out on the town isn't your bride's cup of tea, you might be hosting a slumber party. You can create a matching bachelorette party invitations template with a design that resembles pajama prints (if you'll be running around in pajamas), a popcorn box (if you'll be watching the bachelorette's favorite movies), or a board game (if you'll be playing games). On the inside or the back of the invitation, include any special information your guests will need to know. For example, you might ask each guest to bring a game you'll play at the party.