Five Ways to Add Personality to Personalized Invitations

Five Ways to Add Personality to Personalized Invitations

Personalized invitations are the best way to invite guests to your special celebration or event, and you can have a blast coming up with fun ways to make them extra creative. Get started with the following five ideas for adding personality to your personalized invitations.

1. Fun family photos

If you're sending invitations for a family reunion, holiday party, birthday party, or graduation you can use cherished family photos as a centerpiece or collage in your design. Find the most formal, humorous, or telling photos you've taken in the past year – or over the lifetime of the guest of honor – and place it on the front of your personalized invitations.

2. Handwritten notes

One great way to add your personality and connect with guests is to handwrite a special note on the inside panel of your invitations. Print your invitations on C1S paper, which means it is coated on one side only, so your pen can easily write on the paper. Include fun sentiments, pen your own poem, or mention a humorous story, all individualized to each recipient.

3. Specific logos and symbols

This strategy is especially useful for invitations for graduations and religious events. You can print the logo of a school, college, or sports team, or religious relevant shapes and symbols, on your invitations to indicate the pride, poignancy, or celebratory nature of your event. You can combine this strategy with the other strategies mentioned here: handwritten notes and fun family photos all add to the personality of personalized invitations.

4. Tell a story

If you're celebrating a major accomplishment, such as a graduation or coming-of-age birthday party, use the space to tell the story of the guest of honor. Express pride, funny stories, and whatever sentiments you'd like as the mother or father of the person in question. This personalized story will be a resounding hit with recipients and will mark the special occasion as being a major event that should be attended.

5. For businesses

If you're sending invitations to a business event, such as a trade show, special sales, or conference, you can still personalize your invitations by thanking customers for their business or by requesting that they visit your booth personally to receive a special gift or prize.

No matter how you add personality to your personalized invitations, always make sure you print them on premium paper stocks using state-of-the-art printing processes. Go green with our eco-friendly 100% recycled matte paper stock or soy ink printing, which is more vibrant that traditional petroleum-based printing and far easier on the environment.

Start with a free invitation layout template or try out our easy-to-personalize invitation design templates. Approve your file, make your printing selections, and in a few days you'll have professionally printed personalized invitations delivered to your door. You can even mail your invitations for you to save you time, money, and hassle.