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Five Ways To Improve Your Flyers Today

five ways to improve your flyers today

Have you engaged in flyer marketing and didn't the results you had hoped for? Or perhaps you are getting a good response from your flyer marketing efforts, but feel that it could be better. If your flyers are lackluster or are just missing something that could turn poor performance to good and good performance to great, read on for five ways you can improve your flyers today.

1. Use a motivational headline

Most flyers perform well with a large headline, and most marketers and designers know this; however, your large headlines can do immensely better if they feature an incentive. Develop a special offer for your flyer – a discount, a one-up or freebie – and make sure your headline spells out what your special offer is. Alternative, you can hone in on a key selling point or benefit that your product or service provides and prominently display this as your headline. There is still an incentive for your customers, especially if you can solve a problem or fulfill some other desire. In fact, this is a major benefit because it is the reason your customers will be interested in your product in the first place. Without a major benefit to the customer, they have no reason to buy from you, so make this incentive clear in your flyer headline. It doesn't hurt to make your offer time-limited, either, to attract the most response in the shortest amount of time.

2. Ramp up your design

If you tend to send the same flyer out over and over again, try to refresh the look of your brand by hiring a graphic designer who will help you take calculated risks that command attention. An odd, shocking, humorous or otherwise visually powerful flyer will perform well because it will get noticed – the first step to earning a great return on investment from flyer marketing.

3. Include a memorable response mechanism (and track it!)

Many flyers today work to get customers to a website, but don't send your customers to your home page. Instead, create an easy and memorable page for them to visit – or an entirely new URL – and make sure you only publish this web address on your flyers. Your URL should be short, easy to remember and easy to spell. Now, you can track how many hits you get on that page with analytics, and even track which hits are from direct traffic and which are from secondary links so you can estimate how many direct customers and referrals your flyers generate. This will help you determine how effective your flyers are and make tweaks to help future campaigns be more successful.

4. Intelligent distribution

It is imperative that you put your flyers in front of the right people, at the right place, at the right time. For some, this is in front of their store fronts. For others, it is the local community bulletin board. And for others still, it could be the inside of a restroom install door. For you, it could be all three or a combination of many other potential areas. Research your target audience to find out where they go and when, as well as what kind of mood they are in when they get there.

5. Quality printing

Nothing's worse than a poorly printed flyer that makes your design look bad and deteriorates quickly. Choose a solid, durable flyer paper stock such as a 12-point gloss cover stock. Add a thick, glossy UV coating for exceptional longevity that will stand up to wear and tear – and weather – and ensure you get the most bang for your marketing buck. Don't forget to download free flyer templates to ensure your artwork matches up with your printer's press.