Folded Business Card Printing

resources imageDid you know you can get more out of business card printing with folded business cards? It's true: folded business cards are automatic attention-getters because everyone wants to know what's inside them. They offer more real estate for less investment, too, so you can turn them into all-out sales machines that play multiple roles in your sales strategy. And by doing so, you can show the world why you're a standup company. The following details how you can harness the power of folded business card printing to enhance the power of your presence exponentially.

Say more with extra real estate

Business cards are marketing tools, make no mistake about it. One of the biggest problems you face with business card printing is the lack of real estate. It seems that one side of your business cards is always devoted to introducing who you are, and sometimes the other side becomes a sales pitch (though more often it's blank, wasted real estate). Not only should you print on the back of your first business card panel, you should print a folded business card that doubles your real estate. This gives you more room to go in-depth about a suite of products or services, and allows you to include pictures, graphs, charts and other supporting evidence to back up your claims. You can essentially double your marketing power without taking up any more space in your customers' pockets.

Command attention with tents

Strategically place folded business cards, half unfolded like little tents, on table tops, counters, hanging out of vanities or books, and just about anywhere else your customers routinely visit. Many companies make "mini-deals" with local restaurants to allow them to place a stack of business cards on their ordering counters, but people often feel a bit embarrassed taking them. Moreover, they get knocked around and not picked up. resources imageInstead, place your little tents on cafe and restaurant tables so diners can conveniently read them while diners are waiting for their meals. This practice nearly guarantees that your pitch will be read by dozens, if not hundreds, of potential customers every day. And a few of your business cards will undoubtedly make it into your customers-to-be's pockets.

Add value

Perhaps the most useful purpose of folded business card printing is that you can add value in many different ways. You can use the extra real estate to add useful information your customers will appreciate, such as sports schedules, calendars, charts and graphs. You can encourage customers to tear off the back half of your folded business cards as referral cards, or you can turn the back half into VIP discount cards. Many coffee shops take this approach by checking off the cards each time a purchase is made and rewarding loyal customers with free coffee after a certain number of purchases. Finally, you can turn the back portion of your business card into a discount coupon, which can be easily tracked to see how effective your campaign is. Best of all, your customers still get to hold on to your business card after redeeming their coupon, so they can contact you whenever they're ready to buy again.