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Four New Ways to Print Business Brochures

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Your company is different, so why print the same marketing materials as everyone else? Sure, you need a business brochure, but does it have to be the same ol' tri-fold all your competitors use? Does it even have to resemble a traditional brochure at all? Of course not, and by presenting your brochure copy in a different medium you can command attention for your brand, set your company apart from your competition, and ultimately motivate more sales than ever before. To help get you started, here are four new ways to print business brochures.

Traditional business brochures

First, let's get this straight – there's nothing wrong with traditional business brochures, and you can print traditional brochures in a variety of ways: single sheet, tri-fold, half-fold, Z-fold, double-parallel fold, and right-angle half fold. You can also print traditional brochures in a variety of sizes. You also don't have to restrict your brochure designs to folded panels – they can instead span several panels. They are expected, and they work well. That being said, sometimes a company wants to break the mold and take a risk that, if it pans out, will help define its brand and give it an edge over the competition. That's what the following four new ways to print business brochures is about.

Business card business brochures

One of the pitfalls of business brochures is that they aren't easily carried for reference. One of the pitfalls of business cards is that they don't leave much room for marketing. Why not combine the two to create a business brochure the size of a business card? This can easily be accomplished by printing a four-panel, folded business card wherein the inside and back panels read like a brief brochure, complete with complementary graphics.

Postcard business brochures

No one said brochures have to be folded at all, and you can enhance the power of your postcard marketing campaigns by turning them into brochures. Use the back half space to print your brochure copy and any supporting graphics.

Booklet business brochures

This type of business brochure is especially useful for companies who have a lot of different services, vast amounts of information, or use large format images to help close sales. Booklet brochures offer plenty of space for copy and images and can be made into as many pages as you'd like. They're also unique, especially when you have relatively little copy. You don't want to give customers a text book, after all, but they will recognize and remember your company if your brochure is a quick, easy to read booklet with plenty of full color photos.

Magnet business brochures

A hybrid between postcards and business cards, magnet business brochures allow you to market your company with brevity while affixed to filing cabinets, refrigerators, and other metal surfaces. Magnet business brochures can still include a special offer, redeemable via a printed coupon code.