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Fuel Your Social Network With Promotional Magnets

Fuel Your Social Network with Promotional Magnets

Reluctant or enthusiastic, by now you've probably recognized that social networking can mean major dollars for your business. The landscape has changed and continues to change every day, and customers are treating business (and making purchasing decisions) on a social level never before seen. Even global companies are able to treat their customers with the same personal touch as small-town mom–and-pop shops through social networking tools such as ]]>Facebook]]> and ]]>Twitter]]>.

While some companies see social networks as yet another outlet that forces ad spend, savvy marketers see them as opportunities. The social networking community is loyal and fervent; so putting the effort in now to attract customers (or fans, as it is) will go a long way toward ensuring your future success. Look ahead, prognosticate, if you will, and you will see that this is just Phase I. Social networking is only going to grow, and there's still time to get in on the ground level. If you don't do it now, you will not only pass up a prime opportunity, but you jeopardize your company's future viability. Get a Facebook page, or if you already have one, make sure you're using it to your advantage. Twitter, too. And promote, promote, promote.

There are myriad ways to promote your social network, and one of the best is promotional magnets. Why? Promotional magnets can be so creatively deployed. Here is how promotional magnets can increase your social network, which in turn can increase your revenue.

Promotional magnets can be distributed in well-targeted areas

Do you sell designer toilet seats? Place magnets on the insides of public restroom stalls. Do you operate a microbrewery? Promote your latest brew on the insides of restroom stalls at pubs. Don't forget to include your social network icons and addresses!

Promotional magnets equal direct-mail opens

Magnets have weight. Furthermore, they are valued by customers, because they are useful. Magnets inside a direct-mail letter that promotes your social network will motivate opens. And they'll be put on refrigerators to hold papers and photos. And they'll be placed on coffee machines, filing cabinets, computer shells, refrigerators, and other areas if they have valuable information such as conversion charts and athletic schedules.

Magnets exude personality

When your magnets are relevant to your target audience, they will be positioned in places of prominence because your customers like others to know what they stand for. Do you sell dog toys? Then distribute a “Certified Dog Lover” magnet with your social network addresses, where they can get “valuable coupons and tips, and connect with other dog lovers.” You'll snag your customers and their friends with this type of promotional magnet.

Magnets are cheap and durable

Best of all, magnets are incredibly cheap to print – especially when you consider that a single magnet can last for years, even decades. This is especially true if your promotional magnets are UV coated. How many marketing materials do you distribute that you can get a decade of use from? Talk about return on investment!