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Three Places to Get Brochure Templates

resources imageBrochure templates are quick and easy ways to ready your small business for the competitive marketplace; they save time, money and hassles because all you have to do is plug and go. There are many places on the web to get brochure templates for your small business, so listing each and every possibility is next to impossible. Even composing a list of the best places to get brochure templates for small businesses would be daunting, because there are so many good options depending on industry, purpose and personal taste. Still, it can be said that there are three types of brochure templates out there, and therefore we'll list the three types of places to get brochure templates for your small business (along with an example for each, for prudence).

Free small business brochure templates (design)

Many websites provide free small business brochure templates that make it simple to design your own brochures. In most cases, all you have to do is edit the text and perhaps swap out a few images to turn these templates into your design. The best part of such templates is that they're free and easy to use; the drawback is that there's little originality in them: Many other small businesses (perhaps even your competitors) are using the exact same brochure templates. One excellent resource for free brochure templates is ]]>Microsoft Office]]>.

Paid small business brochure templates (design)

resources imageWith free brochure templates, what you gain in economy you can lose in quality and originality. That's why paid small business brochure templates are used by so many small businesses: They tend to be created by professional designers; they're widely available; and their price points are affordable yet just expensive enough to keep distribution somewhat sparse. Not as many copycats will have the same brochure template as you, but you can rest assured that some will. Such templates sacrifice branding ability; however, they're still easy to use because all you have to do is edit text and images. A good source is ]]>Stock Layouts]]>.

Small business brochure templates (layout)

Layout brochure templates differ from design brochure templates in that they do not come pre-designed - instead, they only include what you need to set up your file for brochure printing. The advantage is that you're free to create any design you'd like; something truly original that brands your company and is protected by copyright laws so no other small business can steal your design. Layout brochure templates include bleed lines, cutlines and a safe area so your custom brochure design is properly positioned for printing presses. In addition, they also come in the proper sizes, resolution and color mode so there's no technical guesswork involved. You will need some design skills to create a unique design, or you can hire out professional design services for an amazing look that can't be duplicated by others.