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Get More Out of Your Direct-Mail Invitations

If you engage in direct-mail marketing, you undoubtedly have a well-targeted mailing list of potential customers that you send postcards, brochures, newsletters, catalogs and other marketing materials to. But have you ever considered sending direct-mail invitations? Direct-mail invitations can, in fact, become one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal. You can use direct-mail invitations to get so much more from your mailing list. Here's why:

Direct-mail invitations are personal

When it comes to marketing, the closer the writer is to the reader the better it will perform. Since direct-mail invitations come across as being written from one person to another, they can build relationships. TIP: Print your direct-mail invitations on thick C1S paper with a glossy outside and uncoated center so you can handwrite a personal message and increase response.

Direct-mail invitations can bring you face-to-face

resources imageThe traditional invitation is one in which the recipient is invited to go somewhere. Bringing your customers face-to-face with you can establish the foundation for customer loyalty. TIP: It's no secret that people like to do business with those they know, respect and trust. Bringing your customers front and center to shake hands and speak with them at an event goes a long way toward that end.

Direct-mail invitations pre-qualify leads

Sales teams and marketing managers often spar over what constitutes a qualified lead, but direct-mail invitations can eliminate the debate by requesting a fee as part of the call to action. TIP: If you're holding an event, charge for tickets. Those who are willing to drop a few bucks to be there are probably more-than-interested potential customers.

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Direct-mail invitations are affordable

Since you don't have to spend a lot of money to print professional quality direct-mail invitations, you can afford to send more invitations and thus increase your profits. Compare the cost to send direct-mail invitations to the cost to send 100-page catalogs, and you'll realize the savings benefits. TIP: Instead of simply sending your invitations to a larger mailing list, send variations of your invitations to the same mailing list two or three times. Repetition is key when it comes to direct-mail marketing success.

Direct-mail invitations are unexpected and appreciated

Everyone expects to receive traditional marketing materials such as catalogs, brochures and postcards; but a direct-mail invitation is often an unexpected and appreciated sentiment. Not only does it make your customers feel important and valued, it makes you appear trustworthy. People like people who make them feel good about themselves, and just like the unexpected "good job" at the office, the unexpected direct-mail invitation can win customer loyalty in seconds.