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Using Gigantic Postcards to Grow Your Revenue

Bigger is better, especially if you're trying to get people to pay attention to you. This is especially true when it comes to marketing, an industry where the value of being big can be seen in the exponentially increasing cost of taking the biggest ad out on a page, having the biggest banner at an event or having the biggest billboard on the road. They might say location is everything, but if you're big enough, everyone can see you. Despite the fact that this is a well-known aspect of marketing, many companies fail to capitalize on it in their direct-mail postcard campaigns. If you're not taking advantage of gigantic postcard printing, you're missing out on revenue. And why would you want to do that, considering the minimal price increase for going gigantic? Here's why you should use gigantic postcards to grow your revenue.

Stand out from the junk mail

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Think of all the junk mail you get. You just pulled the day's worth out of the mailbox and you're standing over the trash can separating the good from the bad. While you're right there, you're conscious of the decisions you're making and all you're looking for is bills and personal correspondence. Despite all the best efforts of the most talented copywriters and graphic designers, chances are you'll be throwing all the promotional postcards away. Don't feel bad - that's what most of us do. The marketers who unceremoniously paid the mailman to deliver something you're not even going to give more than a passing glance to have wasted their efforts.

Big postcards get noticed

Now, consider you're at the mailbox again, but this time all of the other mail is buried beneath a gigantic 6-inch by 11-inch postcard that has your first name in big, bold block letters right on the front. Think you're going to see what it says? Chances are, the answer is yes - and getting customers to look at a company's message is the first priority when it comes to direct-mail postcard marketing. Just like you, everyone else that receives a gigantic postcard is much more likely to read what it has to say, and you'll get an extra boost from adding prominent personalization.

The price is right

resources imageIt doesn't cost that much more to print a gigantic postcard, either. Consider this: PsPrint offers 2,000 6-inch by 9-inch postcards for only $100 more than their 5-inch by 7-inch price. In most cases, the difference is made up in just one or two sales, and if the rest of your postcard campaign is run right that's practically guaranteed. The bigger the postcard, the higher the return on investment: It is actually that simple. After all the time and effort involved in developing and managing a successful direct-mail postcard campaign, you don't want to sell yourself short on this proven marketing phenomenon. In short, don't settle for small sales - go big with gigantic direct-mail postcards.