Going Green with Bookmarks

resources imageGoing green can save businesses and organizations time and money, enhance public relations and appeal to a sense of responsibility for taking care of the environment. New, state-of-the-art green printing practices have made it easier than ever for companies to fulfill a green agenda without sacrificing marketing prowess. Bookmarks are no exception. The following tips reveal how to go green with bookmarks:

Print with soy inks

Printing your bookmarks with soy-based inks is eco-friendly and economical. Soy inks emit far fewer VOCs (volatile organic compounds) during the drying process than petroleum-based inks. What's more, soy inks spread farther, so less ink is needed to achieve the desired result. This in turn further reduces VOC emissions. Last, but not least, soy inks are a viable marketing tool, because they're capable of more vibrant colors than petroleum-based inks. We all know that bright, vivid colors command attention.

Encourage recycling

Not only should you recycle old bookmarks yourself, your bookmark should encourage readers to recycle their bookmarks. Your bookmark could include a small blurb that politely asks readers to recycle it, and details how your organization has made eco-friendly strides to reduce waste and keep the environment clean. The effect is twofold: You encourage eco-friendly habits from your customers and boost PR at the same time.

resources image

Get an electronic proof

It's always recommended to get a hardcopy proof, especially for first-time projects. If you're ordering a bookmark reprint or just have a minor change or two to make, however, you can opt for an electronic proof that saves paper, postage packaging and perhaps even delivery truck exhaust. When it comes to going green, every little bit counts — and small efforts add up to big impact fast.

Spread the word

If you've gone green, share your eco-friendly story with the world. Use your bookmark to tell your company's green story and to detail the efforts you're making to keep the world a cleaner place. Include checklists, ideas and other ways your readers can contribute to the green effort. If you're sponsoring a green nonprofit, include a photo and story about your partnership on the back of your bookmark. Seek out relevant logos such as recycling logos and soy ink logos to include on your bookmark. As a green organization, you should practice and preach. Going green with bookmarks is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to position your organization as eco-friendly. The preceding tips will help you implement a green bookmark policy that enhances your public image, saves money and saves the environment all at once.