Going Green with Calendars

resources imageKermit the Frog always said, “It’s not easy being green,” but when it comes to calendars, going green is easy if you know how to implement eco-friendly printing and disposal practices. The following tips and tricks will help you go green with your calendars:

Print your calendars on recycled paper

Print your calendars on an eco-friendly recycled 70-pound matte text paper stock. Recycled calendar paper decreases the amount of new wood paper pulp from trees by half, leaving a large and positive impact on the environment.

Print your calendars with soy ink

Soy-based inks are much more environmentally friendly than their petroleum counterparts, which release a high volume of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) during the drying process. Soy inks also spread farther and are capable of brighter, more vivid colors than petroleum inks for added benefits.

Recycleresources image

Not only should you recycle old calendars, you should encourage your audience to recycle theirs. On the last month of your calendar, include a note reminding your customers that your calendar was printed on recycled paper using soy inks and ask them to continue your company's tradition of being passionate about the environment by recycling the old calendar when they receive their new calendar.

Spread the word

If you've gone green with your calendar printing you should include recycling, soy and other eco-friendly logos and statements in your calendar. Perhaps each page can include a short blurb about your company's green efforts — or better yet, create an entire calendar around an eco-friendly theme. In the long run, nearly all eco-friendly business practices save money, though some are difficult to implement. Green calendar printing, on the other hand, is one of the easiest ways to go green and position your company as environmentally conscious, spreading your brand name and enhancing your public relations efforts in one publication.