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Going Green with Die-Cut Business Cards

Did you know that die-cut business cards present an excellent opportunity to boost brand recognition and market your products in a personal and eco-friendly way? In fact, green die-cut business cards are an extremely economical way to go green without sacrificing quality. More and more customers are choosing vendors based on their respective eco-friendly business practices, so there's little excuse to not go green. By going green with die-cut business cards, you can attract more business, enhance your public image and contribute toward a cleaner environment all at once. Here's how to go green with die-cut business cards:

Print your die-cut business cards with soy-based inks

Some products claim to be eco-friendly, but are printed with petroleum-based inks that release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere during the drying process. Soy-based inks, on the other hand, emit far fewer VOCs and are a safer, truly eco-friendly choice for your die-cut business cards. Soy-based inks have added benefits, too. They spread farther and are capable of producing more vivid colors than petroleum inks, so they're primed to command attention at a glance.

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Print on recycled paper

Print your die-cut business cards on 13-point recycled matte cover stock to vastly reduce your carbon footprint and save a few trees. You should also recycle old business cards, especially since many communities offer free recycling pickup (who doesn't want to save a little money?). Perhaps the cards you recycle today will end up as brand-new die-cut business cards tomorrow.

Tell your eco-friendly story

Use the back of your die-cut business cards to tell your eco-friendly story: What green practices does your company undertake and how do they fit into your overall green agenda? What is your green philosophy? You can even make your die-cut design work with your green campaign; for example, have your business cards die cut to the shape of a leaf. In fact, you can push an entire eco-friendly PR campaign with your die-cut business cards. You can also use the back of your die-cut business cards to encourage your customers to recycle, or add value with a list of eco-friendly practices they can implement at home or at work to do their part. Include an eco-friendly logo or two to add a touch of professionalism and credibility to your cause.

Get an electronic proof

resources imageWhile you should always get a hardcopy proof the first time you print die-cut business cards, when ordering subsequent runs or making minor changes you can opt for an electronic proof delivered to your e-mail inbox. This saves on printing and shipping and can have a long-term positive effect on the environment when instituted as company policy. Going green with die-cut business cards is not only easy and affordable, it's a highly rewarding eco-friendly business practice that can simultaneously boost return on investment, increase brand recognition and enhance your public image. Go green with your die-cut business cards today.