Going Green with Mini Business Cards

resources imageAn eco-friendly lifestyle is becoming the norm for many customers who view it as your responsibility to protect the environment by going green with your own business practices. One of the easiest ways to go green is to print eco-friendly mini business cards, which have become a hot new item packed with opportunities to promote your business. Not all printing companies are created equal, so here's what you need to know to go green with mini business cards.

Print on eco-friendly paper

The easiest way to go green when printing mini business cards is to choose eco-friendly recycled paper stock. The pulpy, off-color recycled papers of yesterday have given way to sleek, bright white recycled matte so you no longer have to worry about sacrificing quality of marketing materials in order to stay true to your green agenda. A 13-point recycled matte paper stock adds richness and depth to your designs, so you can print amazing mini business cards that captivate your customers without making any changes to your designs.

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Go green with soy inks

Soy-based inks have revolutionized the green printing industry because they do not emit high volumes of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during the drying process, as their petroleum-based counterparts do. And when quality is an issue, you can count on soy inks to deliver even more vibrant colors than petroleum inks are capable of, so you can actually go green and achieve a higher quality printed piece without breaking the bank.

Get an electronic proof

Hardcopy proofs are always recommended for first-time print runs, but once you're comfortable with your printing company and sure that your colors match, you can quickly and efficiently double-check your artwork layout and copy for typos with an electronic proof. Think about it: when you order a hardcopy proof, you have to rely on a third-party supplier to deliver it to your door. That means unnecessary exhaust fumes will be spent by delivery vehicles just to deliver a single piece of paper. It is justifiable when you're waiting for 5,000 mini business cards to be delivered; but wasteful for just one. Establish a comfort level with your printing company and you can skip the expense and wastefulness of hardcopy proofs altogether.

Promote your green agenda

It's no secret that going green as a business has more to do with just the environment, and the move isn't necessarily always altruistic in nature. Going green equals more sales as savvy customers are making purchasing decisions based on the moral code and ethics of the companies they buy from. You can take advantage of this by briefly detailing your commitment to preserving the environment on your mini business cards. Use the back of your cards or a small strip at the bottom to explain your green agenda, and you'll win loyal customers who respect you for the decision. Going green with mini business cards has never been easier or more profitable, so don't miss the bandwagon - spark sales from eco-friendly-minded customers today!