Going Green with Table Tents

Table tents are excellent spokesmodels for your eco-friendly business practices, providing the opportunity to simultaneously do your part to perpetuate the green revolution, encourage eco-friendliness and boost your public image. The following tips will help you go green with table tents:

Print with soy inksresources image

Traditional inks are petroleum-based and release a high volume of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the environment during the drying process. Eco-friendly soy-based inks, however, emit far fewer VOCs for a cleaner printing process. In addition to the green printing process, soy inks are capable of vibrant colors that pop off the paper, so you don't sacrifice quality when going green with table tents.


You should recycle old table tents and encourage others to recycle as well. Through the use of brief verbiage and a combination of eco-friendly logos (check out soy, green, recycling logos, etc. with an online search), you can communicate that your company values the environment its customers live in and is working toward ecosystem conservation.

Tell your story

resources imageToday, more and more customers appreciate eco-friendly efforts, so much so that many will make purchasing decisions based on ideological alliances. Table tents offer plenty of room to add a short story about your company's green agenda: What are you doing to make the world a better place to live in? Tell your customers how they can help or promote an eco-friendly event as part of a PR campaign.

Get an electronic proof

Hardcopy proofs are always recommended, but if you order a lot of similar table tents you can consider electronic table tent proofs to save paper, postage packaging and even a trip from the delivery driver. Even though these things seem small individually, added up over time these small things can have a big impact.

Hand deliver

If you're a small business with a localized clientele, you can hand deliver your table tents on foot to save on packaging and exhaust emissions. You'll also get exercise and feel great. Invite a volunteer along to keep you company and make an afternoon of it. Going green is about more than your purchasing decisions; it represents a change in overall business practices. Your eco-friendly efforts will be rewarded on many levels, from a clean Earth to public image to a healthy lifestyle to return on investment. Table tents offer excellent opportunities to accomplish all of these things in one fell swoop, so it pays to print green table tents with an eco-friendly agenda in mind.