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Greeting Card Marketing Essentials

resources imageDespite being highly effective, greeting cards are often overlooked when it comes to developing print marketing plans. A greeting card has the potential to do more than nearly any other marketing material in establishing and securing long-term business relationships with clients who not only appreciate your work, but appreciate you as well. You can draw inspiration from the following greeting card marketing essentials.

More than holidays

Greeting cards are for more than just holidays such as Christmas and the Fourth of July. Though it's a good idea to send greeting cards to your customers during holiday seasons, your greeting cards will be more meaningful when sent to commemorate an event specific to your individual customer. You could sent a greeting card to a customer who has achieved a sales or other business milestone, for example; or a more personal and poignant greeting card to an account manager who has recently had a new baby. Going the extra mile here can pay huge dividends in customer loyalty and retention.


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You can add value to your greeting cards by including a special coupon, such as a 20 percent off or a buy one, get one free sale. For more impact, especially on more personalized greeting cards, you can even include a coupon or gift from a partner company or any other product or service that is relevant. A customer who has a new addition to her family, for example, would probably appreciate free diapers; or a recently-engaged customer might enjoy a free bottle of champagne. Even though your gift isn't directly related to your company, you'll still receive the benefits of customer appreciation and loyalty.

You don't have to make a sale

Sometimes, greeting cards can lose their effect when they're riddled with sales literature and special offers. A greeting card is, after all, an expression of your thoughtfulness and not necessarily a direct sales piece, which can cheapen the overall effect. A simple "Thank you for your business" greeting card can do wonders for your PR and can drum up more sales than an overt marketing scheme. Customers want to know that you value their business, and that you value them as human beings. Greeting cards are one of the best ways to demonstrate that you do indeed care and wish your customers the best. Take advantage of these greeting card marketing essentials to establish a long-term track record of customer loyalty.