Guide to the Printed Beauty of Poetry

Guide to the Printed Beauty of Poetry

Poetry is one of the oldest art forms that is known to man. While the exact date that the earliest poetry was recited is not specified, it is believed that poetry was first written as a way to re-tell history, a story or even the laws of the day. Some of the earliest forms of poetry can date back as early as 1200 B.C.

Through the years, poetry has evolved in all areas around the world including famous works from Italy, Greece and China. Poems have also changed in form from longer poems to shorter pieces. In modern-day, the types of poetry have continued to changed to include virtually any type of writing.

Over the course of poetic history we have been graced with some of the finest poets in the world. Poets such as Wang Wei, Geoffrey Chaucer, William Shakespeare, Jonathan Swift and Jane Austen have proved some early works of poems. More contemporary poets include authors such as Robert Browning, Emily Dickinson, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Maya Angelou and Langston Hughes have provided the world with their take on life, through the use of poetry.

Poetry has been an integral part of the art scene for centuries and will continue to be part of our life for many more. It is also important that we continue to educate our children about the importance of poetry both in the past, present and future. Therefore presenting poems, poetry and poets to school aged children will foster the appreciation of these arts. These can be done in the form of lesson plans and activities.

History of Poetry

  • ]]>What is Poetry?]]> – Helpful page which provides an overview of poetry, its origins and a definition of the art form.

  • ]]>A History of Poetry]]> – A brief summary of important moments in the history of poetry are outlined in this article.

  • ]]>Brief History of Poetry]]> – Useful information which traces the origin and developments in poetry over time.

  • ]]>Timeline of Poetry in English]]> – Informative page which provides a timeline of dates and events in poetry history.

  • ]]>Epic Poetry]]> – Information on the Greek style of epic poetry which was noted by Homer in his work.

Types and Forms of Poetry

  • ]]>Types of Poetry]]> - Information and listing of the various types of poetry that have been noted in history.

  • ]]>Kinds of Poetry]]> – Useful page which provides readers with information and examples of different kinds of poetry.

  • ]]>Types of Poetry Forms]]> – Helpful page providing information on the different types of poetry forms that have been discovered.

  • ]]>Forms of Poetry]]> - Information and descriptions of the different forms that poetry can take.

  • ]]>Form and Poetry]]> – Web page which discusses the different form that poetry can take.

Famous Poets

  • ]]>Geoffrey Chaucer]]> – Biographical account of the 14th Century poet along with information on some of his work.

  • ]]>Jane Austen]]> – Information on the biography and work of the English poet of the late 18th Century.

  • ]]>Emily Dickinson]]> - Useful website containing information and the complete works of the famous poet.

  • ]]>Ralph Waldo Emerson]]> - Brief biography and links to the works of Ralph Waldo Emerson.

  • ]]>Maya Angelou]]> – Informative page with biographical information and information on the work of the 20th Century American poet.

  • ]]>Langston Hughes]]> – Overview on the life and work of the American poet and his work during the Harlem Renaissance in 1920's America.

  • ]]>Famous Poets]]> – Helpful page which provides information on some of the most famous poets of the English language.

  • ]]>Famous Poets in History]]> – Listing of several of the most famous poets along with brief biographical information on their lives and work.

References for Teaching Poetry

  • ]]>Teaching Poetry]]> – Useful page with information for educators on how to teach poetry to children.

  • ]]>Teaching Poetry Information]]> – Helpful web page which explains how teachers can explain various concepts of poetry.

  • ]]>Teaching Poetry Through Rap]]> – Fun and interesting ideas on how to teach poetry through the use of rap music.

  • ]]>Poetry Lesson Plans]]> – Web page which provides lesson plans and activities on how to teach children about poetry.

  • ]]>Lesson Plans]]> – Informative page which provides lesson plans and ideas for teachers about poetry and poems.

  • ]]>Poetry Lesson Plans]]> – Resourceful page which features lesson plans for teachers.

Poetry Resources

  • ]]>Poetry Resources]]> – Collection of information and resources about poetry and poets.

  • ]]>Poetry Resources]]> – Information and links about poets and poems.

  • ]]>Poetry Resource Guide]]> – Helpful listing of books and other resources to learn more about poetry.

  • ]]>Teacher Poetry Resources]]> – Resourceful guide for teachers providing helpful information and resources.

  • ]]>Poetry Links]]> – Useful collection of links for people looking for information about poetry.

  • ]]>Resources for Poets]]> – Informative page for writers and poets providing links and resources on a variety of topics.

We hope this guide is helpful in understanding the history and role that poetry has taken in the world. Please feel free to use this guide as a starting point to learn more about the beauty and grace of stories told through poetry.