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Halloween Graphic Design Ideas and Concepts

Is there a more enjoyable holiday for graphic designers than Halloween? All the legends, stories, traditions and history come together to offer endless possibilities when it comes to your postcard, brochure and flyer designs. The following are a few Halloween graphic design ideas and concepts that will scare the competition stiff:

Toneresources image

As a graphic designer, you're responsible for taking some copy and a concept and accurately representing them through images that elicit the proper emotions. That's why it's so important to set the tone of your clients' promotional materials immediately. Are you scaring them away from the competition? Use a tombstone or a wicked werewolf. Are you advertising a special sale? Trick or treat!


Black cats, orange jack-o'-lanterns, nutmeg pumpkin pie, green monsters, white ghosts - the possibilities are endless when it comes to Halloween design color schemes. You can simply pick a base and grab the color wheel; or, for a more unique approach, you could apply your client's company colors to one of these icons. Imagine a blue jack-o'-lantern recalling the horrors of going to the wrong dentist (missing a tooth, of course), or a witch clad in the colors of a well-known competitor.

Shapes and icons

When it comes to Halloween, there's no shortage of shapes and icons you can use. From every monster, goblin, ghost and ghoul under the moon to candy, legends and historical traditions, there's always something you can find for eye-popping design. If you're designing a local promotion, you can draw on local legends and even include some historical fact to increase the likelihood that your piece will be read. resources imageFor your backgrounds, try half moons, cats, pointed hats and other shapes in varying shades and hues for a layered effect. No matter what you use, make sure you blend your shapes and icons into the message. You could pair our blue jack-o'-lantern, for instance, with the line "My sweet tooth got the best of me because I chose the wrong dentist."

History and tradition

From the Salem witch trials and ancient monster legends to the modern-day practices of costume parties and trick or treat, Halloween offers a diversified pool of historical fact and traditional fun you can draw on when designing your clients' direct-marketing postcards, brochures, posters and flyers. Try doing a detailed online search for Halloween legends that focus on a specific target audience; for instance, haunted jails for police men or local "crybaby bridges" for a geographically targeted audience. You can even use time-dependent haunts - such as spirits that come out at midnight - to create a sense of urgency for your prospects. When it comes to Halloween, originality is key. There's a ton of competition out there. Have fun with it and experiment like a mad scientist, and you're sure to create horrifyingly hot designs that yield a robust return on investment - and keep both your business and your clients' businesses out of the graveyard.