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Three Hang Tag Design Concepts that Evoke Emotion

resources imageHang tag design is an art and a science, rolled into one powerful pitch than influences purchase decisions in many industries. From clothing to boats, electronics to household wares, hang tags can be the difference between business boom and business broke. That's why so many companies employ them to brand their image and to spread the message about the unique benefits their products feature. Inspiration for hang tag design comes in many forms, and it's always important to understand what motivates customers to buy. The following hang tag design concepts evoke emotion and will help you sell your products, no matter what industry you're in.

1. Descriptive hang tag text sells

Your hang tag design should describe your benefits in a few simple words. A hang tag for a towel might say "WARM, SOFT, LUXURY," for example, while a hang tag for a blender might read "THE MOST RELIABLE BLENDER ON THE MARKET/FULL 5- YEAR WARRANTY." Help your customers understand, front and center, why this is the product they should choose over all the others. Build your brand with descriptive text, and before long your logo will become synonymous with the emotions your hang tag design conveys.

2. Powerful imagery reinforces hang tag desire

Images will turn heads, whether text is portrayed as a graphic element or images are used to reinforce what the product's benefits are all about. A nutritional supplement for bodybuilders that promises explosive results might feature an explosion, while a sexy skirt might feature an image of a woman enjoying a moonlit night on the town. The goal here is to depict customers enjoying your product for the benefits they'll receive - your prospects will transpose themselves onto the image and will imagine themselves enjoying those same benefits. That desire will fuel sales.

3. Perforated coupons

resources imageIt's no secret that the public-at-large loves a deal, so include room for a perforated coupon in your hang tag designs. If your offer is great, they'll jump at the chance to take advantage of your special incentive now rather than later. Use hang tag coupons to offer discounts, free products or upsell services, or even partner offers from complementary but non-competing businesses. No matter what your offer is, make sure it's compelling and time limited so customers are motivated to buy immediately. Once your hang tag design is complete, you'll bring to life on the printing press. For maximum effect, choose a thick and sturdy 16-point gloss cover paper stock. This type of hang tag paper has a bright sheen that will make your designs pop with brilliance. You'll probably want to print full color on either both sides or print oversized hang tags (up to 12.5 inches by 17 inches) to attract even more attention. Remember that contrasting colors are eye-catching, so a large hang tag with a yellow background and black text will get noticed. Don't forget to have a hole drilled so you can effortlessly hang your hang tags on your products!