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Helpful Tips for Choosing a Design Online

Helpful Tips Design Online

If you're in the market for an online design you know it can be challenging to find the perfect look for your business.   Whether you're shopping for business cards, flyers, brochures, posters, banners or other marketing materials, you know it is important to make the right choice to represent your ideals and brand image.  The following helpful tips for choosing a design online will help you make the best choice. Colors First and foremost, you want to find designs that match your business colors – or at least work will with your logo colors.   It won't help you to have a design that clashes with your brand image, but it will help if you can present a consistent look.   This doesn't mean that your flyer colors have to be the exact same as your logo colors, but it does mean that the two should harmonize visually so your marketing materials appear professional.

Customizable Another thing you need to consider is how customizable a given design is.   If you can change text, images and logos on postcards, business cards, brochures, and other marketing materials, you can easily turn your design into one that fits your business.   Some printing companies, for example, offer online designs for marketing materials that you can make your own with online editors or by downloading and customizing in your own favorite program.

Support If you're not a professional graphic designer, there is a chance you'll need some support when customizing your chosen designs.   Template malls typically do not offer this type of support, so it is a good idea to check with any online design company to determine the level of support you'll receive if a problem arises.   Make sure you can access a live person with a phone number for quick access to support services.

Print and other services Finding a great online design is one thing, but you still need to print, finish and perhaps even mail your marketing materials.   Die cutting, foil stamping, hole punching, scoring, folding and binding are all common print finishing techniques that your design might have to accommodate.   If your online design provider has the capabilities to do all of these things, you can rest assured that your design will be compatible with their presses for perfect design and print runs.

Price Price is another good measuring stick for choosing a design online, but it should not be the most important.   Quality designs come in a broad range of prices, from free to hundreds or even thousands of dollars.   That doesn't necessarily mean you have to spend a small fortune to get a great design online, but it does mean you have to be careful who you buy from.   Best of all, you can often kill two birds with one stone by getting your designs online from a printing company that gives high-quality designs away – for free – when you have your finished marketing materials printed by them.